Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beach Weekend - Thanksgiving 2013

We've used the beach house for the weekend before, this time it was after celebrating with my family in Corvallis, Thanksgiving. This trip was a Household trip for the Golden Bees. We had Dawn-Marie with her husband Brent, their daughter Larissa and Jenna along. Turns out that they all came down without having a Thanksgiving dinner. I had received a free turkey that month for shopping, so brought it and some potatoes for making mashed ones. Jenna brought the green bean casserole and Dawn-Marie made deviled eggs and cranberry sauce and brought a small brown sugar ham from Fred Meyer.

Friday we put it all together and had it for our dinner. That was after grocery shopping for weekend supplies and having lunch at Abbey's Pizza. There was also movie watching and taking Leeloo down to the beach at low tide.  She loves the beach! It's a community beach and there weren't a lot of people and its long enough that you can see people. So I felt free to let her run off leash and have fun being a dog.

Before taking leash off

Still dragging leash

Can you see the leash?

Going to dad!

Off leash and running back and forth from mom to dad!

Brandon and Larissa skipping rocks

 He had the camera on a burst - these are us trying to get her to run over the abandoned sandcastle...

Saturday Dawn-Marie, Larissa and Brent went in to look at the shops. They left Devin, their Chihuahua with us. He cried and fussed. So couldn't find his gear so put him in Leeloo's harness and walked him down to the beach. The little sausage could back right out of it if he decided that, no I'm not going forward. You wouldn't think that he'd get cold but after a bit Brandon had to carry him around because he was shivering. Could have been fear too. Leeloo had a blast while we were there, but went back up because he was cold.

She didn't enjoy the baths after because the sink doesn't have a sprayer so it took longer. Plus I hadn't thought about it, so didn't have her shampoo. Small price to pay for all the fun!

Brandon got some sewing done while we were there and I tried out the pattern pieces that Jaime had created from a bodice that had gotten too big for me. Jenna tried cutting out some fabric while we were at the beach, but overall it was just a relaxing weekend. Watching sing along movies - Pitch Perfect, Rock of Ages, and Mamma Mia! As well as introducing Jenna to Cards Against Humanity.

So long as Brandon's Uncle Dave has the house, we'll try for another beach weekend late spring as another household get away.

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