Saturday, January 25, 2014

Selfish Knitting Accomplished!

Spent most of the day catching up on shows that we had missed in the last week or two using my Chromecast. So nice to watch on the big TV the shows that we were trying to catch up on with the laptop. I just have one episode of NCIS and Brandon wants to see Rake on FOX, but that's for Sunday before the game.

I thought CBS was having issues, but I figured it out, I didn't have my browser full screen so why it kept having fits and not letting me tab between the show and having it on the TV and still letting me use the laptop. No big deal, meant I "had" to knit. lol Okay, it also kept me off of Facebook.

I got the first one done somewhere after the second Big Bang Theory and I think one of the episodes of Almost Human. Decided it would be the left foot:
Inside out, bottom

Inside out, top

Rightside out, and a little fuzzy, alpaca is that way.

On my foot!
I immediately cast on and started the second one. I did take a break to take time out to go out for dinner. Dawn-Marie invited us out with her husband Brent. They had coupons for Home Town Buffet and since I had never been there, we went there. I admit to having some salad and cottage cheese before I went on this whole protein thing. A bit of prime rib, a small chunk of steak, some cod, a chicken thigh, some fried shrimp and a roll. I ended up only eating a couple of the shrimp, too greasy. The rest was pretty good. There was a thin slice of carrot cake, after all, it didn't have walnuts! No death by nut. Tried their chocolate pudding, not as good as the stuff I made on Thursday. I used Smitten Kitchen's Best Chocolate Pudding, and I'm going to make more of it again soon I'm sure! I do have the leftover whole milk to use up. It will either go into a pudding or maybe try making this?

So I finished up the second slipper while were in the middle of the Sleepy Hollow season finale. (We started the series online at episode 5, because that's when we had the Chromecast and people were giving it decent reviews.)
I'd been wearing the left one for an hour or so. I was sitting there with cold feet thinking I needed to finish the second one, when I remembered - it's okay to wear only one until the other was done. 

Side by side. I think the right may be slightly larger. May have been paying closer attention to row numbering since it was done all in one swack? It's only 1/4 inch longer than the left. 

Warm toes!
The colors may not be terribly exciting, but their purpose was to make something for me and I needed to make something quickly. Michele's KAL inspired me to get going. Now, tomorrow morning before we game, I'm going to see if I can get my Central Park Hoodie cast on. I will even start out by doing a swatch! NCIS should help with that. ;-)


  1. Thanks for knitting along! I'm sitting here looking at mine. I have joined in the round and am scheming to see if I can make a prettier toe shaping, but the thrum pattern really gets in the way. Which is why I wrote this simple toe shaping the first time, I guess! What do you think? Is it worth doing? I'm afraid it might be hard to explain in a pattern or KAL (depending on where you are in the thrum pattern when you start toe shaping). Hmmmm.

    1. Thanks for the nice pattern! It's simple toe shaping, yes. I had thought about trying to keep a thrum or two in, but realized that it would only work if done on the knit only row. Which would be doable if you want to keep the thrums as part of the toe shaping. As simple slippers, the toe shaping as is works.

      After wearing them, the overall side height works. I just sometimes have problems with them staying on at the heel. Not sure if possibly using JMCO and some shaping might help?