Monday, March 11, 2013

Three Mountains Welcoming Court

At Twelfth Night Baron Alfric and Baroness Jill stepped down from being the Barony of Three Mountains. Baron Aedan and Baroness Alexandria were voted in by the populace and confirmed by Their Highness's of An Tir.

They had their first court, a Welcoming Court on Saturday. It was a lovely sunny spring day. There was a mid-day potluck with the barony providing meat and bread. They had a little armored combat:
Lord Asim talking with the Marshall

Fans cheering on the combatants

Lady Amelia in the foreground with Their Excellancies watching the field

Lord Asim and Lord Attius

Lord Attius and Lord Gerard

Lord Attius and Duke Almaric
There was a children's subtlety contest. Lady Larissa also competed and won her age group for her squirrel.
Building their subtleties

There was also an Arts and Science competition. Herr Ignatius had made a chair/stool as the prize for the winner. The winner of the competition, and I don't know what she did, was Lady Tamar their A&S Champion from the Shire of Mountain's Edge.

Hand carved and the leather was hand sewn by Herr Ignatius

I missed Lady Tamar's squee face, but she was very happy to receive it from Herr Ignatius.  She is the perfect person to receive the prize. It's is low enough that she'll be able to comfortably sit in it.
There were local awards handed out and people inducted into their local service groups. They also had people who are interested in participating in Sargentry Trials. Lady Kattera had the most unusual letter of intent. Hers was written on a cake. Here she is presenting it and a piece that Lady Amelia and I shared - chocolate with raspberry filling - yummy!  Very impressive writing on the frosting too!

Herr Ignatius wanted a picture of us together. I'm not sure why I was looking at the ceiling. 
Before the end of court Baroness Alexandria announced that the Barony of Three Mountains would be gifting our Barony with a donation to help fund our upcoming multi-kingdom event West Coast Culinary Symposium.
Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist - Baron Refr and Baroness Svava with Lady Aramid and Archery Champion Lady Caterina

Baroness Alexandria presenting the IOU marker for the symposium since the Exchequer was not available to present a real check. ;-)
It was a lovely day and a lovely event with lots of good food. It will be fun watching our neighboring barony with their new coronets. I also started a wimple for Lady Kattera from hand spun qiviut that I had spun for her. It's delicious to work with. 

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