Sunday, March 10, 2013

Carina's Goodies

I helped Carina, an SCA friend, to pick out a few skeins of yarns to make some socks for her. She likes ankle socks so they knit up fast.

She loved the orangey-red of Jill Draper Makes Socks, Splendor Sock a lovely blend of superwash merino, cashmere and nylon. I used it to knit the Who Are You? socks from last year's Rose City Yarn Crawl patterns and the knit along that was done in preparation for this year's crawl. They were another entry for a gift card, but didn't win me one. That's okay, it was a fun pattern to knit and Carina got a pair of socks.

There was still yarn leftover but not enough I thought for another pair of socks. So I found a pattern for fingerless mitts, Warm Hands, Warm Hearts. She's the Kingdom Deputy Town Crier, so she's up very early in the cold and needs to keep her hands warm.

I had thought to do the Padded Footlets, but after reading it over decided it was a major PITA. So I found the Brigid sock pattern. Its a lovely cable pattern and it stops about mid foot and I thought it was a waste of a good cable stopping there so did two pattern repeats and took it to the toe of the sock.

It used a little less than one skein of the The Fibre Company Road to China Light. Its a delicious blend of baby alpaca, silk, cashmere and camel. It's lovely to work with. Plus I had another skein to work with. I checked in with Carina to find out if she wanted another pair of fingerless mitts or socks and she went with socks. Then it was a matter of finding another pattern to do. I tried out a couple, but finally settled on one I had done for Gail - the International Socks of Doom. It's a simple two row pattern but keeps you interested. I had the same leg length as the Brigid socks and same foot length, but when I came to the toe of the second sock I was joining the wee leftover from the Brigid and had to find the leftover I had from Wendy's shawl and fingerless mitts in the same yarn, different color (still have a wee bit left of that so may be able to repair heels if need be in the future.)

Can you see the color difference? 

We had Welcoming Court for the new Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains on Saturday, Carina was the Event Steward for the event so knew she would be there to deliver them all to her.
That's a happy squee face and she was taking them around and showing friends her new goodies. She knows how to care for them and wear them. She also said that I'll be making her new socks each year. Repeat customer!  Now I just have to figure out what I want in trade. Wool or linen fabric, or another for dresses?  I would want a lightweight wool.

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