Monday, March 4, 2013

Thorn is Finished!

I had hoped to finish and wear Thorn for the yarn crawl. I stayed up until 1:30am Wednesday night binding off. I used Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off after reading some of the other project comments about theirs not being stretchy enough. I used Cat's video to learn it.

Something new learned! Yea!  I'm all about learning new things. After having to pick up the 263 stitches on one side of the shawl and then knit the eighteen rows of garter stitch that I wanted to stab my eyes out from boredom I just so wanted this project done! Done!

The corner of the picked up stitches and the held stitches. It does have a nice corner turn.

The color variations of the handspun yarn. Not terribly obvious when adding in the second skein either.
With the yarn crawl and a long day on Thursday, it wasn't until I got home early enough in the afternoon on Friday that I was able to put it in for a soak. I had forgotten that it bled before, so was surprised to see a pink sink. Oh well. I didn't do an aggressive block on it, since its a superwash yarn. Luckily I have a king-sized bed to spread these larger projects out on and aim a fan at. It spent the rest of the afternoon and until we went to bed drying. It was just a little damp when I picked it up.

Saturday was the earliest I could wear it and it was day three of the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I did have one of the shop people at the Knitting Bee ask what the pattern was. I was also able to use it as an example that thick and thin knitting gets balanced out with the knitting while talking at Pearl Fiber Arts.

Dawn-Marie went out with me last year and wanted to go again. I think she was glad that we weren't trying for a bunch of stores. I took her to four stores. Two knew ones - Knitting Bee and Pearl Fiber Arts and two repeats - For Yarn's Sake and Angelika's.

She found a squirrel pin at Knitting Bee and got a free pattern and at Angelika's we found a cute toddler crochet sweater and then found some nice yarn to make it. (She'll have to go back and get 1 more ball of yarn this next week because of a miscount. But its within walking distance of work so not bad.) She saw a lot of the yarns there and I think may go back again for afghan yarns for her daughters. They have a crochet and knit purse pattern on the same sheet as their free pattern.

At Pearl Fiber Arts I was able to have Rachel talk to her about crocheting in the round. Also introduced her to Judy Becker, since she was in the next chair over. ;-) There was also a new lady, Vicky I think, who was standing there and crocheting in delicate thread in a pattern design out of her head. Caught up with Duffy who is going to do the World Wide Spin in Public event organization this year - yea! Going to try to get Cindy to have a World Wide Knit in Public at her shop.

So Dawn-Marie got to see and hear that we don't shun crocheters and knows that if she runs into a pattern issue she can come to knit night on a Wednesday. I just have to pick her up since she doesn't do night driving. ;-) She also bought a crochet hook while there and got Cindy's crochet cowl pattern - bonus!

Brandon was off helping Jenna with some house projects when I got home, so I asked William for some finished project photos:

I am trying to work with him on how to let his mother know he's ready for a new pose. I got him smirking behind the camera so that helped.

It's light but has good coverage so I think I might use it as a camp shawl. I can either make a shawl pin or just tie it on, so an easy to wear shawl. Since its also kind of a period looking color at 30 yards it would pass.


  1. Looks great! and I think you deserve an award after picking up 263 stitches (I think I like weaving in ends more than picking up stitches ;)

    1. Thank you Camille!

      I did kind of blur out the fact that it was 600+ stitches for the bind off. That took forever because I was wanting to do anything but that. Picking up the correct number of stitches only took five attempts (stabby-stabby)

      How cool that you showed up in the video for KGW about the yarn crawl, not called out, but I saw you in there!