Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Founding Revels 2013

Ummm.... forgot to fill in the blank? When I was pulling together blog posts I had this one planned and setup when to publish, just forgot to go back and fill things in.

So a couple of weeks ago was Founding Revels for the Barony of Stromgard. We have a lot of friends with close ties with the Barony so we have been kind of slow at participating in this event. Fun was had and it was a nice day.

It's a bit of a drive from Hillsboro to Battleground and we had left a little later than planned but still arrived in time to enjoy the fighting:
Lisa, Lady Maighreid with Ulcan the Gentle
Lisa had just gotten fight certified the Thursday before and I'm used to seeing her with her shiny armor. It took me a bit to realize that the person in purple I was watching was her!

Lord Nicolai of Iron Ring and Alexandros Khristodoulopoulos

Axe versus Mace. They both ended up on their knees but I think it was the mace that won that round.

Lord Assm on the right in his new armor. We're liking the pony tail on the helm. ;-)  The fight marshal on the right was awesome. He was getting wet and cold and he was still there for the fighters, and I felt very protected as a spectator.

Viscount Pembroke on the left and Ulcan the Gentle
There was a lot more that I am not posting here. I have them in my Facebook album. After the fighting was a children's "equestrian" event. The children ask an adult to carry them piggyback so they can spear rings and a couple of other things that I didn't know about and missed getting pictures of. Here's the ones I did get of the ring jousting:
Viscount Pembroke with his son

Herr Ignatius with one of his riders. He had two girls that he took through the course, so he got a bit of a workout!

Lord Asim, aka Sandstorm did take his rider to victory for the event
I was inside looking at the silent auction baskets and resisted temptation to bid on a three pound bag of Gotland fleece. I have a pound of it to spin already and don't really need more. Mine is from Gotland, this was probably from a sheep raised locally. ;-)

Spent some time working on my Thorn shawl while at the event too. I probably only added a few rows, but near the end they were long time consuming ones. People watching is also a fun thing for me, so sitting quietly and watching all the going on is not a problem. I did spot a semi-snood like item that Conchobar took my camera and asked for permission for close-ups:
Embroidery is also another past time while waiting for the feast to begin. Lady Nidda is on the right in her awesome red and white jester garb along with the Kingdom Bardic Champion cloak.

The coronet is holding it in place.

I have gold thread and some pearls.....

The kilt was for Susan since she was home sick. ;-)
Lord Caius and Senor Jose with their kids. It was awesome to look over the auction tables into the area set aside for the kids to see them down on the floor playing with their kids. They really are awesome guys too. 
Dinner was impressive. You didn't have to pre-register for the feast and Condessa Ilaria had made individual bread bowls filled with beef stew as our first course. The high table had alternative courses served to them. We were allowed tastes if there were any leftovers - such as smoked salmon, deviled eggs, pickled herring and some stuffed dates.

The beef stew bread bowl. I could only eat three-quarters of it.
There was also a whole chicken that showed up and dessert was a quince cream with a shortbread cookie - yummy! In between there was a cheese and salad plate as well as a pickled veggie plate. I think we all managed to get enough food to fill us up! Not bad for really only $5 per person!!

We'll definitely keep this event on our list of repeat events. This next Saturday is Welcoming Court for the new Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains. Herr Ignatius has been asked to make a prize for the event so we'll be attending. It's a potluck and I have to decide which name I want to do the item under. I do have a Smoked Salmon soup mix that was a Christmas gift that might be good to bring. Probably not enough for a lot of people, so I'll need to bring along another dish or two. Maybe a side or salad?

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