Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carnevale 2013

I'm late posting about this event, so I'm catching up!

This is the fourth year that we've had the Carnevale di Venezia. Before the event I met at Lady Ana and Jose's house along with Lady Helena and Lady Mairghread for some scroll painting in preparation to give to people. These are the two that I painted and the first ones, I've done:

The people they were intended for didn't attend so they'll be used at a future event.

This year was a bit different for me. I've taken on Largess Coordinator for the barony along with Lady Amelia. Lady Amelia has been the one up at court behind the thrones, but with her foot she wasn't going to be able to do that, so there I was. I had gotten the bags that Baroness Svava made out of wool and filled them, so it was kind of cool to hand them forward to be given to each recipient.

We arrived before opening gate so that we could help with setup. I helped get the tulips cut and put into the vases. Ignatius helped with getting banners hung. Then once Lady Amelia arrived, I learned what wording was to go into the Thank You cards for items received from the baronies of Glymm Mere, Three Mountains, and Terra Pomaria and the Prince and Princess of The Summits who attended. I was also receiving largess made by members of the populace for the event as well as future largess donations. Plus after Lady Eulalia had her hair done in an Italian wrap hairstyle, I asked for mine to be rebraided and wrapped:
Lady Eulalia wearing Italian garb. She looks good in orange! Like her green German glass too.

I had hoped to attend two glass painting classes held during the day. One was on a drinking glass and the other was a ceramic tile. Maestra Rafaella d'Allmentejo was teaching both and since she is local she has promised to teach another class in the near future. Lord Ignatius taught a dice class for the kids and it was well attended and appreciated I'm told.

We also have our rapier championship at this event. There were several people, besides the current champion who came down from the Barony of Glymm Mere to participate:
Herr Klaus our current champion in the red/black/white German and Lord Octavius on the left and Lord William on the  right.
Lord William is closest among those petitioning to become the next champion, and did become champion.

Herr Ignatius carved and made the rapier champion's feast box. It has been said that Lord William saw it and spoke his desire for it. He was successful!
Lady Amelia was the only one from the household that opted to eat the banquet. Eodain joined us in sharing food for the day and evening and that worked out well, if not as fancy as what was served. I did get to try a few dishes along the way, but the fish scared me. I'm not a fishy fish eater. I like halibut and some smoked salmon, but I was afraid trout would be served so opted out. It was tunafish on zucchini, I didn't care for it.

Part of the theme of the night was "Dinner with the Borgias". You had to sign up with the head of retinue, Airamid to be part of it so you could win a prize, there were several categories. So through dinner we had some very interesting 'deaths' as people were enacted. Towards the end it was proposed that Airamid was the poisoner and even poisoned Baroness Svava! Baron Refr though was able to revive her with a kiss. :-)

There was the usual children's garb contest as well as the adult garb and mask competition. Eodain competed in the adult. She made her entire outfit from the skin out including the shoes!

Lovely first garb work!
So again another fun time was enjoyed by all! Afterward we stayed to help with clean-up. Found out that Lisa's car had issues that we were finally able to get a hold of Matt and he was able to talk Brandon through the process of getting it so she could get home that night. So a very late night!


  1. Even though I didn't win, that was the most fun I've had in a fencing competition in a while :)

    1. So you just need to come in and decide that you want the prize being offered, state it as so, and do it. ;-)