Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2013 Day 2

Another day of taking Brandon to work early and this time headed into Portland. The plan was to start out at Opulent Fibers and use a $10 gift card there. I had planned to get eight ounces of fiber but with the loss of the $20 was reduced to coming up with a little extra so that I could get an even four ounces. I was early and then waited inside the building until 9:15 then gave up when still not open. Sign said 9am. :-(

Since it was right on Division it was only logical and the other early opening shop, to head to Yarnia. Then I waited for the shop to have a bunch of other early crawlers empty and found that the machine was in use. First time seeing that!
Look close to see the yarns going to the machine
So off to Twisted, though I'd be early and miss the lamb coming into the shop. I have in the past either found parking on either side of Broadway or a side street on the same side as the shop. This time I went to the other side of the and around the block to find this:

How cool!

I had originally planned to get four Hexi-puff skeins and bring in a couple of finished hexi-puffs to get free skeins, but since my budget was less, had to figure something else out. I had been tempted the last time by some Brown Sheep Lanaloft and it was less expensive than I had seen in another shop, so picked out a pretty red and then was tempted by a skein of sparkly red mini:

They had some lovely snacks too! I was able to get some gorp and a tangerine to keep up my energy for the rest of the day.  The ride over to Happy Knits was quick and I was able to get a spot in front of the Barley Mill. I wasn't the only other early bird there, the car in front of me had a couple crawlers and saw others standing outside. Made me think of the Mervyn's commercial with the woman at the door going - open, open. ;-)
Yarn Garden is just a couple blocks down the street on the other side of the street, so an easy walk down the hill. I didn't have them planned as a place to shop, but found some cool fiber art:

Do you see me? ;-)
They also made some fun post cards that can be sent in the mail. I saw a pic of all four, Rachel tells me they are $2 each, here's the one I did see in the shop:

Gossamer isn't that far away. They have yarns and fibers and kits for needle felting. Picked up an apple slice and some lovely cheddar cheese to nibble on and ran into Rachel and Stacey finishing up their crawl. It was a store that Rachel had planned to shop so she was trying to find something. These were a temptation:

They also have a nice selection of embroidery floss 

Some cute samples of their needle felted items. There's little gnomes in the house and angels or fairies hanging.
From here I had thought to head north across the river back to the west side, but changed my plans because I wanted to end it differently from last year. The mapping program took me a different way than I would have come up to get to Angelika's, but that was kind of cool. Learning new ways to get around is always fun!

I had originally planned to buy this at Angelika's, to go with the yellow from For Yarn's Sake to make this. After some searching, I decided to get a ball of Cascade Fixation since I've used it in the past and able to get a pair of ankle socks from one ball. It's in a plastic shrink-wrap to keep the ball band on so please forgive the pic:
Another loop around and the phone map directed me back onto the freeway and back off to go to Knit Purl. I had to circle the blocks looking for a parking space. On the loop back I found a spot across the street from the shop, so dared the parking ticket to go in. They checked my cards and one was empty and the other had $4.15. The challenge - to find something without spending much more. I found Sara, the organizer of the Rose City Yarn Crawl busy uploading photos from her camera to her laptop. Chatted with her before finding a small bottle of lavender scented Eucalan that I just had to pay .10 more to get. You can never have too much wool wash!

It really would have made sense to go from Knit Purl to Pearl Fiber Arts, but I had decided I wanted to end at Cindy's shop. This meant driving down to Dublin Bay as my next to the last stop of the crawl. I found another parking space right on the corner around from the shop and saw that the street in front was full so dared the parking meter gods again and parked without paying for the meter. Looked around the shop and spotted this cute little sheep (I have had it in my queue, now want to knit one):
Nibbled one of their tiny little cupcakes and confirmed that their Downtown Abbey marathon were DVDs on the TV. It wasn't currently playing so went back out to the car. I had noticed this loud rhythmic pounding sound when pulling up. Found it here:
Not sure what its doing to the roof of the apartment building, but glad I don't live in that building!

This really isn't a parking space - at ALL
Turning the corner puts you on 11th Avenue so its just going back down the alphabet to Hoyt and Pearl Fiber Arts. I signed into her iPad to register for the shop prize baskets and received my final stamp to my passport - yea!

Isn't that pretty?
It gets me entered into the Grand Prize Basket drawing
Cindy was worried that I would get a $60 parking ticket for daring the parking meter gods, so had me fish out some coffee coins to feed it. In return I had told her about the free cupcake available from Cupcake Jones. She downloaded the coupon on to her phone and I took them both over - its a block down and around to the shop.
These are our Caramel Mudslides - devil's food cake, kahlua pastry cream filling, irish cream icing, house made caramel drizzle and chocolate coffee crumble on top
Rachel and Stacey had beat me back to the shop with their completed passports. We all chatted for a bit and I realized I was fading from hunger and since my meter had expired headed towards home. I was heading up the hill from the tunnel and realized I had left my cupcake in the shop! Horrors!! A quick call to Rachel and she kindly offered to drop it off on the way to dropping Stacey back at her house (she lives in the  housing community over by the 'new' Witch Hazel elementary (they tore down the old one a year after William graduated and went to middle school.) 


  1. Thanks for taking me on your tour via blog! I only went to five shops, but I enjoyed seeing the rest through your pictures.

    1. Thank you Michele! I wish I had gotten to see you when you were at Twisted! I guess the disadvantage of having so many local shops? It was fun getting them done in two days instead of the three it took last year.