Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2013 Day 1

As you know I participated in the Knit Along for the Rose City Yarn Crawl with knitting items from last year's event. I hadn't posted the last item from that the Who Are You? socks that I knit for Carina:
I won a $15 gift card for the Winter Solstice Cracklin Rosie Cowl to For Yarn's Sake and then successfully answered one of the Trivia contest questions and won a $5 gift card to The Knitting Bee. Woot! I'd sold some yarn so had a $40 budget for the event along with another $30 gift card given to me for the Knitting Bee and a found card for Knit-Purl.

Dropped off Brandon at work and then headed to Oregon City so that I could attempt to be one of the first ten people in line at Wynona Studios. I was number 7:
I had planned the night before to start a pair of fingerless mitts for Carina out of the leftover sock yarn from above, and had put some waste yarn in but while there at Wynona found that she had a tiny stitch holder for only .50 - so a purchase and get the pattern, plus my skein of fingering weight cashmere yarn - Score!

I had two rows started and knit two rows there.

All purchases are put into handmade bags - cool!
From there I headed to West Linn and Wool n' Wares but had to wait half an hour before the shop opened. So I sat and knit:

Covered sheep, but the part not covered was pretty dirty

Twin lambs

The car was in for engine work last week and while driving between shops the 'check engine' light came on. So on the way to All About Yarn, I called the shop and asked. They had me stop by, not really a problem since they're a stones throw form the shop. Nothing to worry about and on to the shop:
The table for knitters was all full, so I got my passport stamped and headed on to Northwest Wools (getting a malware warning for their website so not including a link). There was a bit of construction making parking interesting but finally arrived at the shop. I found some pretty fiber to bring home and knit a few more rows to make up for not being able to at AAY:

They didn't know or have labeled where the fiber came from. I think its from Opulent Fiber Arts. Its a gorgeous burgundy.
Went past downtown Portland and headed north to Close Knit and took time to knit again and also stopped into Bolt next door. Found a cute little chipmunk button (thought it was a squirrel at first look) for Larissa.

Next stop was over to The Naked Sheep shop and was able to park right behind the shop car:

Blurry pic of the stitch marker and another for scale of the squirrel button
It was now time to head back to the west side of town and closer to home. So stopped at For Yarn's Sake to use my gift card. I had pre-shopped online so knew what I wanted to get. Some yellow sock yarn to become a shawl:
Enjoyed the Moonstuck chocolate samples they had out for people too. :-) Headed off to my first real yarn store The Knitting Bee and to use my two gift cards there. Went with the idea that since I didn't have a particular project in mind to buy for and couldn't find any black sock yarn to go with the above yellow went with total frivolity and bought these:
Used the $5 card for this, just had to pay an extra $3.75 to cover it. Yes, its mainly acrylic but the colors are so pretty.
Malabrigo Rastita in Cereza, its a DK weight
Any suggestions for a project for these two lovely skeins?

I sat and knit a couple rows and ran into Nori, who came back from Austin Texas to visit and take part in the yarn crawl. It wasn't until I got home and went through my stuff that I found that I lost a $20 bill here. :-( Bit impact for the rest of the yarn crawl. I just had $10 left to spend.

Since it was late, but I still had one more yarn store stop for the day - Kathy's Knit Korner out in Forest Grove. It's owned by Sharon so I got a hug and was tempted by some of her sale yarns but it was outside my budget so headed back to pick up Brandon and home.

Whew! Nine shops with the idea of getting the out lying shops all done so that the next day I could do all the downtown stores.

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