Monday, April 1, 2013

Hexi-puffs, Blocks, Bunnies and a Snood

So I tried knitting Carina's qiviut into a wimple for her. It was a nice knit, but I didn't totally bind off and let it sit for two weeks and tried it on again. I don't have a picture of it on me. It was very snug and felt kind of short. I like the pattern, just not happy with it for this yarn.
I think I'm going to try out Ice Queen and see if that comes out better. It's a larger needle size and I'd do it without the beads.

So while I was letting the wimple ruminate, I opted to do some hexi-puffs and sock blanket squares:
Almost two puffs out of the red sparkly I picked up on the yarn crawl, had to use a tiny bit of the paprika to bind it off. The others were some Abstract Fiber Matisse samples I had gotten during last year's yarn crawl. I had thought to make them into a pair of fingerleI have ss mitts or something but like that they will be in blankets. The block with the green stripe took a few attempts to get a version of the leftover that I liked. I think I made it four times. I have 33 of them now.

There was a bit of the paprika left, but nothing that I could make for Carina, so it went into a block. I had differing amounts of the Matisse, so one complete block and had to dip into one to finish the second block. I have 15 blocks done.
I kind of slid into a bit of a depression. We had learned that Brandon's Aunt Debbie had advanced ovarian cancer that had metastasized. We found out a week before she was going in for surgery to remove organs and parts of organs. After the surgery we found out that it wasn't ovarian cancer but pancreatic cancer and the surgeon was telling Uncle Dave and Judy that she only six to eight weeks to live. What the heck?! So reeling from both news.

His Aunt Mary Lou flew in to visit a few days after the surgery and we had dinner with all of them. I made chicken curry and they had planned to make some cream of broccoli soup, but didn't get to it. Debbie really enjoyed the chicken curry and ate more than she thought she would. She raved about it. She was looking really good after the surgery but still getting used to less energy and how much you really do use your stomach muscles to do a lot of things. It was good to see her.

I have been working on a snood out of a gold lace cone that Judy (MIL) gave me. I've used bits of it for other projects and still have plenty! Andrea used it in my braid at Carnevale. It's slippery even on my Knit Picks Harmony needles, so I was only doing a few rows at a time and putting it down.

Saturday I was home alone, the boys were off doing various gaming activities and I was watching movies and working on the snood. During one of my breaks with it, I was trying to find a quick project to do for the kids for Easter. I thought about doing a different bunny pattern that was in my queue - Knitted Bunny. They lost me when I had to apply knitted ears when I remembered this Knitted Bunnies and how fast it knit up and was finished.

I remembered that I had used my Lion Brand Jiffy for the last ones and that I had some yellow scraps, so it was the perfect one to start out with. Then I found the Fisherman color leftovers and knit one in that and a bit of Camel color. I had two and a half of the squares knit Saturday night and finished the Camel Sunday on the drive to Judy's for the Easter family get together.

Sunday morning I was sewing and stuffing the yellow one. Brandon made me the bunny tails for all three of them while I was sewing and stuffing. I was also making deviled eggs and kind of made my own version of some 'crab puffs'. I had a can of crab meat, took some neuchatel cheese (low fat cream cheese) and cut some garlic chives out of the yard into the mix. Then put the mixture into pre-baked phyllo cups. Super easy!! So I ended up finishing the last bit of knitting on the Camel square on the way to Judy's and actually did the bind off a block away from her house.

I snuck upstairs and put the finishing touches on the bunnies - sewing the square up so it was a bunny on the Camel, putting ribbons on, sewing tails on. I came prepared with my handspun, Kool-Aid dyed Easter Egg in case Corbin wasn't interested in a stuffed bunny. He's seven and a boy after all. ;-)
Little Alyssa picked this one as hers

Madi likes purple, so I wasn't surprised that she picked this one
Kaisha picked this one

Jenna picked this one before Kaisha, so she really did like that it was different from the others
This is the camel one that came back home with me

We were the last ones to leave and so were able to talk more about the latest news on Debbie from Judy. They had a follow-up visit with someone from the surgeon's office and that person was surprised that they had been given the six to eight weeks. They are referring her to an oncologist to talk about chemotherapy and even that is changing from the type that they were originally given. Makes sense since the diagnosis changed. That appointment is this week, so won't know for a bit what the outcome of that is. They did up it to at least six month to a year, but with chemotherapy she could have longer. Yes, its still kind of stage four pancreatic cancer but there are survivor stories of people that with various treatments have lived longer. She referred us to the PanCan site for more info. So I'll be studying that. It was really great to hear though that we wouldn't be losing her in a month, unless she opts to do only palliative care. She wants to fight this as much as she can so unless the oncologist visit is really bad I don't think that will be her choice. I have her in a friend's healing circle but any wishes or prayers you'd like to send her way will be appreciated.

I was working on my gold snood and was re-looking at it and found that something horrible had happened a couple inches down. Normally I would just drop down to those stitches and fix them, but this yarn is so weird that it really wasn't an option. Ugh! So I had to frog that and start over. I have three inches back and really it looks much better of a cast on. I have a goal. We are currently planning on attending an event on Saturday up in Kelso, so I would like to be able to use it there. So I need to get it done by then. Knitting it would actually accomplish that! Haven't knitted any today, so I'll have to make up for it.

Today Andrea came over to use our washer and dryer and so we've been watching season one of The Borgias. We've been noticing that Lucrezia is wearing a lot of different snoods.  I'll have a plain gold one, but I would also like to have one with pearls. I think I'll have to sew those on. Yes, trying to end this on a positve note!
My daffodils
Spring has definitely sprung!

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