Sunday, April 1, 2012

Carnivale 2012

We've been busy this month getting ready for the Barony's Carnivale di Venezia event. So lots of sewing!

I wanted to take the green dress I used for Yule and take it to the next level. I started out with the sleeves. Since I didn't have the same blue as the gores, I used a different blue that I thought would work well. We had also picked up some yellow satin. First was sewing the blue part of the sleeves, the upper part larger so that it could have the slashing and then the lower sleeves. Once the sleeves were all sewn, attaching to the dress and then having the satin pulled out of the slashes and then sewing beads to the top and bottom of the slashes so that the satin would stay out. After wearing it for a day, I'm going to have to do side stitches, probably with beads to totally keep the puffs from falling back in.

I tried out a trim around the neckline, but it wouldn't lay flat, so I had fun taking it back off. The next project was a new chemise. Brandon helped cut it out for me and then guided me through the sewing process. It came out pretty well, but after washing (should have remembered to wash the fabric first!) the sleeves seemed shorter. I have to try it back on again and see if it was the whole getting dressed by myself that caused the sleeves to seem shorter. We had some leftover of the chemise fabric so used that along with yet another blue velour type fabric to make an underskirt. I learned that even though I thought I had enough overlap of the elastic, the weight of the velour fabric meant that while getting dressed, I had to take three safety pins to make sure it stayed on for me. One to take in more of the waistline and two to pin it to the chemise so I didn't have to worry about it sliding off still. I think the underskirt was a great addition to the outfit! It gave the dress fullness and added length.

I wasn't done though with the dress! We put in slashes to the bodice and then there was the adding of yet more satin and sewing the beads in. These slashes stay in place much better, Must be the 'stuffing' behind them that helps. ;-)  This is the original inspiration for the dress. As you can see I flipped the slashing of the sleeves. That was an idea from another dress.

I shared the pics of the caul, so that leaves a mask. I started out by painting it a nice hunter green, then found a mask design that I liked and drew it on with a pencil and used a gold paint permanent marker to draw the lines. Much easier than trying to freehand it with puff paint like last year's mask! Then added in some green metallic paint for an eyeshadow effect I saw done on another mask. A pair of needle nose pliers, some glue and small flat rhinestones and I finished up with this:
I tied on some green ribbon so that it could be tied on.

Brandon made a new doublet and worked on a cape, so he was also busy sewing along with me. Here we are together:
 Can't see the underskirt peaking out here but I thought it was a nice photo of us together.
 Dawn-Marie with her mask. She bought hers.
Andrea with her mask. She made hers. The feathers and fringe might have driven me crazy.
Me with my mask. I had thought about adding a few green feathers to it. I can always do that for next year though and have a new look!
Amanda and her winning mask. The camera gave her red eye and I thought it kind of appropriate with the mask, so left them in. She made the mask herself in her ceramics class. Very cool!

Some other masks:

There was also a rapier championship, so men with long pointy metal rapiers:

The gentleman on the left in the German Landsnkecht was the winner of the championship. He isn't from our area either! Oh well.

Baroness Svava had asked for a launched combat - table top style, so trebuchets and the like:

Here's one of me showing the underskirt, it shows that we had some sunshine for the event:
Dawn-Marie took her Yule dress and changed out the underskirt. She also had some fun hair pins that she made with pearls and amethyst beads that went down her braid.

Court was opened before dinner and the new rapier champion was recognized along with the autocrats for the event. Finn and Neamhain also received recognition for all the extra help that they give to the Baroness. Then Brandon, as Ignatious, was called up and recognized with a first time award for artistry. Can't remember the exact name of it and I found I need to take a picture of the certificate, here he is with the Baron and Baroness:

Then there was dinner. I helped serve, so was busy going back and forth to the kitchen, eating in between sections and found that I probably expended more energy than I took in. Its not like I hadn't brought food:
Olives, cheeses, salami, apples, grapes and two different kinds of crackers
The nobles attending - Baroness Miranda of Stromgard, Baron Johann and Baroness Francisca of Glymm Mere, Baron Ref and Baroness Svava of Dragon's Mist, Baron Michael and Baroness Francesca of Terra Pomaria, and Baron Alfric and Baroness Jill of Three Mountains:
During dinner there was a mask contest and a garb contest and a presentation by a juggler and acrobat.

After dinner and after cleaning up the marshmallows (food fight during dinner), there was dancing, Baroness Svava even went out and dance a dance:
Baroness Svava in the striped dress, The Dance Mistress is in blue and gold.

Ignatious dancing with Lisette and Amalia. This particular dance was one the kids could also follow along and do .

I spaced and forgot to take pictures of the shadow puppet performance that was done. That was fun for the kids as well as the adults. Then were was a whole bunch more cleaning up returning the church back so that services could be held in the morning. It was a late night but a fun day!  Looking forward to next year's event already! 

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