Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Snow and Spinning

We have had snow in the area lately, but I've been fighting a cold this week and so missed any left on the ground early in the morning. The first day of spring was Tuesday, and this started Wednesday night and lasted into late morning on Thursday:

My Dogwood Wednesday night

Lovely bench to sit under the maple tree and enjoy the dogs and yard

Leeloo checking out the white stuff on the patio

Norbert all scruffy and looking red

Brandon's wind sculpture

Asian Pear with its leaf buds covered in snow

Pacific Maple leaf buds looking almost like pussy willows with the snow

I just liked the looks of the gray and snow and the branches 
I got a text from my sister, Tanya, then a phone call later that day on Monday that my Grandma Eileen had died in her sleep. She was 89 and had late diagnosed ALS and her lungs just gave out. I'm grateful that we got to spend time with her this last Christmas. She enjoyed talking with me about my spinning and knitting. She had made all the ladies a pair of shortie fingered gloves with the mitten flap, without a pattern a couple years ago for Christmas. I also have a little boy and girl that she did in pettit point along with a pin and a couple of quilts that she made. She was a lovely lady and will be missed by her friends and family.

Tuesday I started spinning the rest of the Opulent Fibers samples from the World Wide Spin in Public last year. I was spinning them on the Ashford Traditional. The Light brown on the right I did all but a smidge during the demo last month at the middle school. So I flowed right into the medium brown and then the dark brown.  

The pygora, far left below, I had been working on in January and February and into March on the Lendrum. I had also been fighting it the whole time. While nice and soft, it still had guard hair and a surprisingly large amount of vegetable matter for it to have been cleaned and carded. I decided that I just couldn't keep going on, so finished what I had cleaned and then put the rest up for trade or sale on Ravelry. The bag weighed in at 2.3 ounces on my scale. 

I got them all plied up and then washed them this morning and let them dry in the sun this afternoon:
Left to Right:
Pygora: 1.2 ounces, 188.5 yards, lace weight
Dark Brown Merino: .52 ounces, 95.33 yards, lace weight
Medium Brown Merino: .46 ounces, 104 yards, lace weight
Light Brown Merino: .38 ounces, 73.66 yards, lace weight

I'm also navajo plying some black pygora that Gail spun up. She asked if I would do it, since she says I'm better than she is at doing the process. Not sure about that, but she asked and I couldn't say no. ;-) So after all these dark colors, I'm definitely going to have to spin some brighter colors!

I also have a plan for my knitting and all those 12 groups. Not going to share what it is here for fear of jinxing the start. I have a bit more spinning before I jump into the plan. It might become obvious though in the near future. Let me know if you figure it out. ;-)

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