Sunday, April 29, 2012

3KCBWDAY7 Monogamy?

I came to knitting from crocheting. I had crocheted since I was a child and my grandmother Eileen and stepmother Jeanne both took turns teaching me. Grandma Eileen also tried teaching me knitting but that was a lesson in frustration at the time. Its actually my husband Brandon that kept pushing me to learn how to knit. He finally drug me off to JoAnn's and we found a booklet, some yarn and needles and off I went. I'm glad that he was so encouraging and proud of how far I've come. He'd love to see me designing too, so don't be surprised if that happens some time in the future. ;-)

I'm pretty firmly in the knitting, but don't mind adding crochet if its called for or using it to add beads. Do I want  to do it more often? Not so much. I do have an advantage over most crocheters I have found, I can read crochet patterns. In fact, I remember being frustrated by a few along the way. Just last night there were two young ladies that admit that they don't know how to follow a pattern. Both had also tried knitting, but didn't go far. Wonder if its from that lack of being taught how to read a pattern?

So I guess you could say that I am monogamous to knitting over crocheting, as a crafter, not so much. lol Not with costume making, spinning, and learning fun things like Norse Wire Weaving and the Portuguese Rug Making. I'd also like to learn Inkle Weaving and maybe Tablet Weaving. I'd love to get a Cricket loom too. I guess it comes down to the desire to learn fun new craft things.

Are you a monogamous crafter?


  1. I don't think monogamous and crafting even belong in the same sentence! ha!

    1. Very true Elizabeth! Enjoy your quilting! Check out my friend Sue's blog, she often has monthly quilting giveaways -