Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I was reading a status update on Facebook about blankets that were donated by Leigh Radford.  I never did get one of the squares done, but had planned to join Leigh in assembling them together. The day she picked, a Saturday, I was coming down with a cold so stayed home and so didn't get to help out. It was a cool plan she had and implemented.

This reminded me about a discussion we had at spinning this week about blankets. That many of the knitted ones are definitely one sided and often don't have a terribly pretty backside. They might even not have enough weight to really feel like a blanket. So what do you do?

Some may remember my Cascade Lizard Ridge blanket:

It doesn't have a backing, but I have thought of putting one on. I haven't done it yet because one of my thoughts is to use the scraps of worsted leftovers and make another blanket and if about the same size, use it to back it. Odds are though that the second blanket won't be the same size. Things seem to work that way. So, unless I were to do a second Lizard Ridge Blanket, highly doubtful of this happening, I'm going to have two blankets facing this dilemma. Its also slightly felted from use and washing, something I actually wanted it to do a bit of, the felting. So I think there's also some shrinkage and if I backed it with a newer blanket, their felt/shrink rate won't be the same.

Do you back it with flannel or cotton and treat it like a quilt? Okay, maybe not a quilt in the true technical sense of a quilt, but with ties. (It wasn't until I took a quilting class that I found out that the "quilts" that my Grandma Eileen made for family weren't truly quilts, but pieced comforters.) I imagine that you could do some kind of quilting technique with the backing if you have stripes and squares, kind of a 'stitch in the ditch' quilting could work.

I do have the Beekeeper's Quilt pattern in my queue to use up those odds and ends of sock yarn. I had used a bit of them up to make those mini sweaters, mittens, stockings, etc for Christmas decorations, but don't feel like doing more of those. I need to get started on making those little hexapuffs. I think they'll be the perfect knit night knitting.

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