Saturday, April 28, 2012

3KCBWDay6 Mad Skills

Last year I thought I'd like to try Entrelac and I may still try it, but right now, it really doesn't excite me. Gasp! I don't know, maybe if I got some self striping yarn that does excite me and just calls out to become an entrelac something or other it will happen. Want to tempt me? ;-)

I was chatting with a drop spindler at the Irish Spring Feast and she had recently taken a Twined Knitting class. At first I thought she was talking about Double Knitting that I had finally gotten around to trying out this last year:

My double knitted hot pad I gave as a hostess gift to my cousin's wife at Thanksgiving.

Is an old Scandinavian technique that creates a denser fabric, here's the Knitty Tutorial on how to do it.  I've had a pair of mittens in my queue, also from Knitty, for a long time but don't think I realized they are Twined Knitted. I've added in a hat pattern to really help learn the process.

Do I want to moebius? I do have a few in my queue. What new skill do you want to learn this year?


  1. I'd like to try Double Knitting since I keep hearing about it! Also curious about entrelac. Good luck with the twined knitting!

    1. Thanks Camille!

      There are some nice free patterns for the double knitting to try out. I still want to try doing different designs on each side, so the coffee/tea cup pot holder is still in the works.