Sunday, April 22, 2012

Silk Banners and Wire Weaving

I showed the start of the silk banner painting, but forgot to take good photos of them all washed and ironed. Here they are after their steam bath:
Dawn-Marie's device

House of the Golden Bees banner

Andrea's intended device - its a peacock feather

Caterina's possible device - Tudor Rose with a bow on purple

Second House of the Golden Bees banner
So just have our two bee banners, and because they have been tucked on a shelf, still a bit wrinkly:

Can you tell that the blue background saturated differently? I think I mentioned that mine had the issue of the blue jumping the resist and went into the wing. It was easier to just use some black for the wings. Like the gold though.

Last weekend we drove up to Kelso, Washington for the Shire of River's Bend's Irish Spring Feast. It was a crown event, in that the King and Queen of An Tir (who live up in Canada) were attending. There was beef barley soup for lunch, Norse Wire Weaving for Andrea, Brandon and I. Andrea also took a Kumihimo class (Japanese braiding) and Brandon took a Beginning Hand Sewing class and learned a few new stitches and learned how to do one better.

My wire weaving:
Use use a dowel to make your tube.
Left is my first project, one from the dowel, probably will be a man's bracelet; second project was the necklace, will probably gift to a Norse friend; the little one was the last of my class wire and a bead experiment.

Close up of the beaded project

First one

Trying to show how the tube looks different by how much or little you pull it through the drawplate. The beads have only a few draws and the necklace went through them all.

Our friend Kellie receiving her Award of Arms from King Iuan and Queen Qwenyth

This weekend was our Baroness Birthday Bash with a potluck and cake and some silly medieval games of her choice. Also a discussion of how the Barony is going to do their Sargentry Trials. I have no interest, so I just half listened and knitted. ;-) Then on Sunday we went over to Milwaukie, just a couple blocks away from Make One (but I didn't get to go in because they weren't open yet!) and helped someone from the Barony of Three Mountains with part of their Sargentry Trials - Dance, Bardic - singing and story telling. Brandon and Dawn-Marie helped by being extra dancing people and then we helped the 12th Night crew with some of the decoration creation for the event. Dawn-Marie and I played with beads that will be used to help weight down banners and Brandon got to color with markers on a plastic to simulate a stained glass. It looked cool. 

Since we were in the neighborhood and to get back on the main road back towards home, we ended up pointed right at The Mill End Store. Brandon had never been there, so we had to stop so he could take a look. I found some hook and eye tape I can use on my German dress, so bought a couple yards.  

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  1. The wire weaving looks very cool.
    I like your sigil! Are you also a Game of Thrones fan?