Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2012 - Day 3

Sunday I ventured out with Dawn-Marie to finish the last eight stores I needed to finish my passport. Dawn-Marie was also new to all of the yarn stores, so I was introducing a second person to the wonders of all things yarny!

We started out Northwest Wools and Dawn-Marie found a few skeins that needed to come with her.
Northwest Wool's prize basket

Northwest Wool

Melissa, owner of Make One

Make One's prize basket

Close-up of a tiara. Two ladies had crocheted tiaras to wear around during the crawl. I also seem to remember a group of tiara wearing ladies at Sock Summit.....
Dawn-Marie had needed to stop at the Mill End store and since it was down the street from Make One, it only made sense for her to come on the yarn crawl with me. ;-) We found some trim and fabric that she needed, plus buttons to go along with the yarn. I found trim and a remnant that I'll make bottle covers for largess. 

We ended up having another argument with the GPS system after leaving Mill End. It wanted us to get onto the freeway so that we could take it up a couple exits to get to the next place. I knew that if we stayed on the current road we could get there too. This did cause a little backtracking because we ended up going to Gossamer first and then going over to Twisted but we got to see some cool old houses and a gold statue along the way so it was a scenic detour.
Gossamer's prize basket. Knitting friend Debbie H won this basket, so I personally know one of the winners!

Twisted and I think store owner, Heather talking to a worker

Twisted's prize basket

Cool window display at Close Knit

Close Knit

Close Knit's prize basket

Naked Sheep

Naked Sheep's prize basket
There was a Lo-Lo bar demonstration there and I got a nice hand scrub and used the Coco Mango bar because it smelled like an umbrella drink in bar form. Turns out though that I'm allergic to the hempseed oil that they've added to their formula, so I'm going to sell my bar to Stacey.
Dublin Bay - scored parking right in front of the shop too!

Dublin Bay's prize basket

Anjelika's Yarn Store - Anjelika holding my completed passport and alpaca dyer - Chris - Upstream Alpacas on the left

My completed passport and I think the only one turned into her. 

Anjelika's prize basket

Another turtle for Rachel! We spotted this because I parked in front of the bar  so we could get a slice a pizza at Hot Lips.
I had the broccoli with hazel nuts and squash sauce pizza. It was pretty good! The nuts added an extra twist to the pizza. Dawn-Marie had the bacon, potato and cheddar - big chunks of bacon with thin slices of potato. She thought it was good.
My limited yarn crawl haul
We stopped at Saint Cupcakes before heading home. Dawn-Marie had never been in the shop, but had sampled their dots at zoo events (she volunteers at the zoo).

Whew! I made my goal of successfully getting to all of the shops and didn't make it by the skin of our teeth on time either. I hadn't been able to do that last year and so got to visit four shops I had never been into. After seeing them, I'm sure I'll be back to at least three of them. Turns out I was one of 278 people that completed the crawl. Pretty impressive number for the amount of people that I'm sure were out crawling. Did you crawl?

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