Monday, March 19, 2012

Cauls and sleeves

I spent the weekend sewing. We have Carnivale coming up at the end of the month and I need new sleeves for my green velvet dress. Brandon is awesome at taking what I tell him and drawing it, taking measurements and then cutting out the fabric. We had just enough blue velour to make the sleeves, then cut out the yellow satin to be the inner layer. They're pouffy slashed sleeves, so the satin poufs out of the slashes. I have them three-quarters of the way sewn. Andrea helped with the pinning and went wild with the slashing. ;-) We watched Mama Mia! twice during the process to give you an idea of how long it took.

Andrea was feeling achy from the last of her cold, that I stopped and whipped up a rice bag for her to use. Now we have a nice household rice bag that will get a lot of use I'm sure.

Cauls are a headcovering that are used to cover hair. Dawn-Marie had made me one for my other green gown, but this also gave me instructions on how to make one.  There was enough satin leftover that I cut out a couple of circles, dug through my ribbon stash, then into the bead stash:
Satin with the ribbon grid laid out
All sewn up and on my head, may have to add something to stiffen it up a bit. There are four blue glass beads in a circle and tacked down to hold the grid pattern in place. Its amazing that the grid looks HUGE, the ribbons are in a 2x2 grid.  I hand sewed on the binding. The binding is the same material as the caul below, just turn inside out. 
Caul Dawn-Marie made me with some beading added to it. I randomly placed  golden colored beads in a 1-inch grid pattern.
Not in the mood to knit for some reason, so the sewing has helped. Had a Duh! moment today that I could also be spinning. I have my pygora to finish up and Gail asked me to Navajo-ply her black pygora. 

There's some yellow satin leftover, that I think should become bloomers or drawers. Hope to sew those up on Saturday along with the sleeves. I might push for a chemise and kirtle too.