Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2012 Day 1

The first day of the yarn crawl I had already committed to doing a demo with other SCA people at a middle school in Forest Grove, so I was busy talking and showing spinning to groups of 13 year olds with Kelley. She took my spinning talk and showed them inkle and card weaving. Also in the room with us was the Baroness doing a cheese demo. Afterward we all went to the Grand Lodge for socialization and food, so no crawling.

I did invite Lisa along with me on Friday. Lisa had taken a nalbinding class the weekend before. In fact on Wednesday, she came over and I helped her make a couple of nalbinding needles of her own. So she was excited to get yarn to practice her new skill. ;-) We were able to get to nine stores that day:
For Yarn Sake in their new bigger location

Their prize basket

Kathleen at All About Yarn

All About Yarn - missed the basket in the window behind Kathleen. A  skein of yarn came home with Lisa.

Wool n' Wares - new to me shop in West Linn

Inside Wool n' Wares nice little shop with some nice snacks to perk us up

Wool 'n Wares prize basket

Wynona Studios in Oregon City - another new to me shop

Had a lovely discussion about pygora fiber with the spinner on the left

A lovely surprise in Oregon City. We didn't know it was there until  walking back to the car
The plan had been to leave from here to go to Make One. My phone's GPS took us on another route and so we had to argue with it just to get to Yarnia. It kept wanting me to do a U-Turn and go back to the freeway.
Yarnia! Make your own cone of yarn, or buy already made ones. Two cones tempted Lisa to come home with her.

Yarnia's prize basket

Happy Knits! There were a lot of people here

Lovely Melinda is busy selling their cute little bird kit that's the store  mascot.

Happy Knits prize basket
We took a break at the Barley Mill to eat lunch since it was conveniently across the street from Happy Knits and just up from Yarn Garden. Yarn crawlers have to be properly fortified to make it through you know!
Yarn Garden and their prize basket a few more skeins jumped into Lisa' s arms to come home.

Knit Purl's prize basket

Knit Purl - a couple of US 00 needles came home with me from here

Turtle in the doorway of the shop next to Knit Purl  - I took its picture for  Trtlgrl  Rachel

Another turtle for Rachel, inside the needlepoint shop
Turns out we were parked less than a block away from Saint Cupcake, so even though we were running short on time, I had promised Lisa a stop there. She had never been, but I think she'll be stopping back in! We each brought home a couple of dots to eat later. She wasn't impressed by their cookie - too hard.
Cindy at Urban Fiber Art - tired but still able to come up with an amazing smile!

Urban Fiber Arts

Urban Fiber Art's prize basket

Cindy had found these little spinning wheel miniatures. Very cool! Like the sheep too. ;-

See the tiny little socks? The dyer came up with the clever idea of knitting the little socks so that people can see how her yarn knits up. 
As we were leaving Urban Fiber Arts, Lisa was heard to squee YARN! with a skein in each hand of Shepard's Wool. A new yarn convert has been made! A long day but its not over yet! More tomorrow.

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