Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Boy Blue and a book signing

While out on the yarn crawl with Dawn-Marie she had found some pretty blue yarn that she wanted to make into a baby sweater, but lamented her knitting skills. I pointed out that she knew a knitter that could knit one for her. Since we didn't have a pattern in hand and I didn't have yardage off the top of my head, I suggested that three skeins should be more than enough to make a baby sweater.

After recovering on Monday from the very long weekend, I started looking for a baby sweater pattern to knit. I wanted to try something new but also something that she would like and found Baby Sophisticate. Its a lovely fast knit with a cool short row cowl collar. While we were at the Mill End store we found buttons that matched the yarn.  I was initially thinking a Baby Surprise Jacket and the three buttons commonly used, so was happy that we had four when I went with this sweater design.

SCA friend, Nephi is up visiting from Texas with her baby Jax. Poor little Jax upon arriving kind of curled up on himself and shivered. Mom had forgotten the temperature difference and really didn't have cold weather baby gear for him. So I dove into my stash and found some baby yarn and whipped up a hat for him and was able to give it to Shannon Thursday night.
Jax's hat
Jax in his hat and much warmer!
Since I had yarn leftover and every baby needs a hat, I went searching for a hat pattern and found the Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat. I finished it up while listening to Kim Harrison at her book signing for A Perfect Blood at Powell's (can you find my picture?)
Swag we got from the book signing. Each one of us in our little row section had our raffle ticket drawn, so I got two signed book covers, plus Guy (her husband) was handing out Burning Bunny stickers and temporary tattoos.

Plus since we were her last stop on the tour she had these little charms that  we got on our seats. Readers of  The Hollows will recognize the tomato, then there's Al's blue butterfly and Ivy's wish and a Burning Bunny pin. I got an extra set plus an extra butterfly. Very generous!!
I had hoped to use the leftover yarn to make a pair of Star Booties, but quickly realized I did not have enough yarn. So back into pattern searching to find these - Gansey Booties. These are a delightfully fast knit!  I think I whipped out the pair in four hours, so if you're ever stuck with a need for a quick baby gift, take a look at these.

My teddy bear model with the complete set

Set without the bear
Dawn-Marie was very happy to get the set and I'm sure the recipients will also appreciate them. It was a busy week of baby knitting! I tried to get a wrap done for Jax, but I've been fighting with a migraine, and didn't feel like knitting.

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