Monday, August 29, 2011

Sport of Kings

So I sent Brandon off to Sport of Kings last weekend because Baron Aelfric strongly encouraged it at DMDT. I had heard the site had lots of mosquitoes and there weren't any Arts & Sciences classes I was interested in, so opted to stay home. I did get hired to cook for two other ladies for the weekend, since I was already sending Brandon off with food. Three really is easier than one.

Then I find out *why* he had been so strongly encouraged, he was going to be receiving his Award of Arms. (Its the first level of awards you can get is the best definition I can find.) Sigh, I had no plausible reason to change my mind about camping, so had to find transportation to day trip. I was able to talk Judy into taking me and bonus, Brandon has been wanting to show her what we've been doing.

Judy picked me up, then we picked up Corbin (nephew/grandson) and headed out to Trojan Park. The day was in the low 90s and by the water a bit humid in the late afternoon.  Brandon was happy to take his mom and nephew around and very happy to see me. ;-)

Our pavillon and rare shots inside. I have a hard time getting him to stay neat.  Apparently, I just need not to be there!

We're working on a divider panel, until then the lion tapestry.

We haul a futon mattress & feather mattress to sleep on. I've been promised a bed fr next year. ;-)

Brandon at different times had a photo shoot with his ladies. Dawn-Marie and Andrea are dance partners. ;-) We all camp together and have talked about creating a household called the Dancing Dragonflies and that was the camp name used to reserve the area.
Dawn-Marie - aka Lady Millicent (she has her Award of Arms)

Andrea - can't remember her SCA name

me - Brigitte

Brandon in his pluderhosen he designed and sewed, a lot of it by hand! Wearing the kilt hose I knit him and the dragon bag.
Judy and Corbin (no Leeloo) watching court, Corbin looking at Brandon's mink recorder holder:

Getting his Award of Arms from the King and Queen of An Tir:

The Award of Arms - all hand painted and scripted
Thanks to Judy for gettng me there to see  it! It made it that much more special for him.

Next up is Acorn War and then Boar's Head Hunt and Feast, I'll be teaching drop spindling at both of these. Boar's Head Hunt is where the Shire will be raised up to become Barony. Way cool! I also have World Wide Spin in Public and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. September is going to be fun and busy!

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