Monday, August 1, 2011

The Haruni Project

Here's some photos of the ones that were entered that I was able to get pictures of. There were at least two that I personally didn't get the picture of, but can get one link (see below in participants).

Participants: Robyn, Jennifer, Kristy, Angela, Me, Duffy, Cindy, Noriko, Rachel, Rebecca, and Carol. Not pictured is Kathy's and Kathleen who missed the Fair deadline. There were a few others started but not finished yet - Tammy, Kim and I think Rachel C. I can't remember if Shelia had started hers or not before accepting the judge position for the fair.

I think that Cindy's was the only full sized one out of the group? I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wrong. ;-) There were three that had some beading - Robyn, Rachel and Angela. They all nicely show the color range of Stitchjones, who is borrowing them to take to show at the Tigard Knitting Guild this month.

Notice how they look different from each other besides just the colors? Blocking I don't think were the same across the board. I'm going to see if Shelia would be willing if everyone is interested, in doing a judging just on the Haruni's. I'm not sure why absolutely none of them won anything at the fair. 


  1. Beautiful! I have that pattern in my queue, and now I have some lovely new sock yarn in the stash. Hmm....

  2. Just know how much yarn you have before you start Camille! Stop at 10 stems if you have 425 yards before going on to the Chart B section. Read my project notes. ;-)