Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I saw at the State Fair 2011 (picture heavy!)

Everyone was out of the house with one thing or another, so I took myself down to Urban Fiber Arts so that I could pay for my fiber for next week's drop spindle class at Acorn War. It was pretty busy with women pawing through bins for destash deals. I admit, I was drawn in and brought home three bags - two of yarns and one of fiber. It's a pretty red merino that looks like an Ashland Bay Merino-Silk blend. It's two and a half ounces of pretty that I might have to spin up soon. ;-)

The day was getting warm but after a few side tracks I was able to get myself on to I-5 headed south. Darn one way streets and trying to head closer to the river before trying to get on a freeway.  My father had assured me that things had changed and parking was free for the State Fair in the surrounding fields. So I followed his directions on how to find the field closest to the freeway and was near the outside edge of that field. They were having a good day. It was a bit windy, but I was still grateful for my parasol providing some shade from the sun.

Once inside I headed towards where I thought I wanted to be, and turns out I was right! I bypassed all rides, food, and those booths selling things. I was on a mission. The Textiles were tucked in an alcove towards the front of the building, in a lovely air conditioned area (less bodies, meant it was cooler).

Here are some of the cases I photographed (click on picture for larger image, then use your back button to see more of the post):

The Cascade Lizard Ridge afghan didn't win a ribbon.

I missed it the first time through, they have it like a hat - felted bowl top right and two skeins in bottom right - Exotic Fibers - Alpaca and Other animals - Pygora
Poppy hat to the left - no ribbon; Hydrangea socks - third place

Pygora single - first place upper left
Chocolate bunny covered by its tags, holding down the Pretty Thing Cowl - first place

Zen Rain Shawlette - third place, mid left; The center two items and the top right were knit by a man using lace for the beige and crochet thread for the other two. Most impressive work!
Polworth 3 ply first place, bottom left

Kelly Cabled Capelet, bottom right - second place
My SCA colorwork bag - upper right, second place
Sorry, didn't know it came out blurry, until I was home! Yellow Shrug This - Center, second place; Crimson Haruni mid-right - first place; Alpaca Bear to the right of it, second place

Handspun Camel Fan Shawl center right - first place and Best in Class
Aeolian Shawl (beaded item) - center, third place; Any other handspun - merino-silk - in chair, first place
I took nineteen items in and three did not receive a ribbon, nine received first place, four received second place and three received third place.  Very nice!

An example of another winning spinner (+5yrs - I'm under 5yrs):
My poppy hat wasn't the only one there! Someone from else also sent theirs in and also didn't get a ribbon:

There were racks with the crocheted afghans (where most of the crocheted items were) and the machine knitted and the one hand knit afghan I could find:
You can see why it might have gotten a first place ribbon!  There were a few more cases that I didn't photograph. I think they may have had the crochet items and the embroidery stuff.

I didn't take photos but I did check out the rest of the building and the quilts.  I thought my friends with cats might like this one in partiucular:
Egyptian cats

I think I spent two hours in the Creative Living building. By that time I was in sensory overload and not really looking forward to the walk back out to the car and the ride home. It was hot outside and the smoke level was increasing. I'm glad I went though!

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  1. I saw your Lizard Ridge at the State Fair and said, Oooh I'm knitting that too! I loved your bright colors! Too bad it didn't get a ribbon at State but congrats on all your others.

    Ps I scrolled down and we both also did the mystery sock KAL. Small knitting world :)