Saturday, August 20, 2011

Off to the State Fair

Not me yet, but the items that went off to compete at the Oregon State Fair this year:
A neatened up Cascade Lizard Ridge Afghan. Fixed the pulled loops in the back and snipped any ends that had popped out. The socks, bunny and teddy bear along with my two polworth skeins from the county fair. Things new to the fair events in this picture: the felted handspun bowl I made at Easter, my handspun Finn Pretty Thing Cowl, my colorwork SCA bag. Kind of blending in are three handspun yarns - blue merino-silk, alpaca and pygora. I also re-soaked my three ply that had received a 'slightly overspun' comment and that helped balancing things out.
I didn't realized that the Zen Rain Shawlette was so tucked under, but the way the different categories are worded, I was able to send off five different shawls to compete, so the Kelly Cabled Capelet, Haruni and Camel Fan shawls from the county fair are joined by the Aeolian and Zen Rain.

Cafe ua Lait Zen Rain Shawlette
Thankfully I was going through my list when I was packing everything up, because otherwise I would have forgotten the pretty yellow Shrug This and the Poppy Hat.

It wasn't until I got to the Beaverton Mill End store that I found out that I hadn't looked at the form closely and had checked that I was dropping off at the Milwaukie store. Ugh! So we spent half an hour making 19 tags for everything and the let me pin them on to things. They'll transfer over my official tags in Salem. Now I just have to get someone to take me to the Fair so I can see how things done. There's also just waiting until I get them back to find out how they did, but I'd like to see the competition too. ;-)

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