Tuesday, August 2, 2011

County Fair 2011 Results

I took eighteen items to the Washington County Fair and thirteen of them won a ribbon earning me a total of $24. Not too bad. ;-) Shelia wrote a couple of nice comments to let me know why I didn't get a few higher ribbons. I think I can fix those, so one may go on to the State Fair. (I need to read that brochure quickly and find out if it can.)  So the stats are three First place, five Second and five Third place ribbons.

The ones that didn't get a ribbon:
I think the cape fell into the problem of some shawls in the same competition. None of the Haruni's won a ribbon. The yarn was a little overspun, and there were others in that category, so no ribbon.  I'm still really happy with it and will give it another hot soak and see if that helps it out. The other two were things that I've done recently so found categories and I have no idea what they were competing against.

First place winners:
My knitting Shaun Sheep, Hydrangea socks that I completed one of them at Sock Summit 09, so really happy they won. The skein of yarn was fiber that I got with my Lendrum and navajo plied. I think it came out really lovely and have these planned for the yarn.

Second place winners:
My alpaca Teddy Bear (I think I'm going to have to try writing this pattern up as something with minimal sewing.) The single ply skein of polworth yarn. The sun hit it just right, but the Shrug This I did earlier in the year as a Christmas gift for Linda and my recently finished camel handspun Fan Shawl. I'm pretty sure the Teddy Bear and the skein will go on to the State Fair.

Third place winners:
The Poppy hat that will be a Christmas gift to Jenna, my Easter Egg and Chocolate Bunny, my three dish cloths, and my Cascade Lizard Ridge. It was the afghan that Shelia wrote about the ends. So I'll go over it tomorrow and see if I can fix those so that it can go to the State Fair, if it meets their requirements.

My problem looking back over finished projects is a lot of them go out as gifts. So I dipped into the current stash of future gifts and found that I'm behind. I wanted to enter my Orion Socks I did in January, but also wanted to wear them to Sock Summit. So they'll get washed and set aside for next year's fair. I may enter my  Cafe au Lait Zen Shawlette to the State Fair. I may need to do a quick poll on what shawls go into each of the competitions at the State Fair.

Duffy's skein of sock yarn got a third place ribbon. Rachel hadn't picked up her items on Monday and plans to do it I think on Tuesday. Angela's December February Lady not only one first place in its category but Judge's Choice. Very cool!


  1. That's a very creditable haul of ribbons. Congratulations!

  2. That is so impressive! I am in awe.

  3. Congratulations!! You did some amazing knitting. I particularly love Shaun the Sheep....