Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Projects

So here I was thinking I really hadn't done much and then found that I had a few things done!  The last couple of weeks I've been power knitting the Dragon Stole because I wanted it ready for "Dragons in Any Media" a competition at the Defender's Tourney. I was able to get it 7/8ths done in time. My household encouraged me to go ahead and enter it. I got it in late, so many people didn't see it to vote for it Brandon thinks.

Blocking on the bed. Pre-blocking it was 64 inches, after 90 inches

So long it took Brandon to show its full width

Balancing one of the two dragons on my shoulder. Notice how long it drapes down the front. I have the end in my right hand. I can wear it like a sari (is that the correct piece?)
I'm seriously considering another over-dye. It was a Rare Gem from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (rare gems are boo boos in the dye studio that Tina won't sell as regular stock) from Oregon Flock and Fiber 09, and had some white-ish yellow spots. I tried dyeing it with leftover Rit dye being used for a shirt. So some good dye to over dye may be needed. I'll take it to my Wednesday night knit group and get opinions. It may also go to the State Fair. I think the dragon's are terribly handsome ferocious beasts. ;-)

For Washington County Fair I did the alpaca Teddy Bear and added in another dish cloth so I could have the required set of three. (The other two were - the large Owl face cloth and a leftover from last year Snowman)
I think I'm going to try my hand at adapting the Teddy Bear to not requiring all the sewing up of small pieces.
Classic Teddy Bear free pattern from Interweave Knits
Double Flower Dishcloth
I wanted/needed a bag to wear with my SCA garb and wanted to knit one. I plan on knitting messenger bags that I'll felt in the future for both Brandon and I. Until then, I have this one:
Stranded knitting of an extant Islamic pattern - this measures 6x12 inches. I loop the strap around the belt and let it hang. Light items or it really pulls on the handle. What do you think? State Fair entry?

The Camel hand-spun Fan Shawl went to the fair as seen earlier, and was supposed to be June's shawl, but didn't get done in time. So it became part of July.

So a two shawl month! Other than the State Fair and getting things out the door for that, I shouldn't have any reason not to get August okay for at least shawls. I'm also behind on socks.

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