Friday, August 19, 2011

August Thus Far

I've been working on projects, but then feel like I haven't done anything at all. Ever feel that way?

A skein of lace weight yarn has joined the stash ready for future use. It's just under 600 yards of merino-silk. It would have been just over 600 yards, but I was doing a center pull ball to ply and it became a knot mess the last few yards and I was just DONE and didn't try to detangle.

I had a lovely skein of yarn I'd gotten from someone's destash, I think last year. Pretty skein of Mountain Colors 4/8 wool in Mountain Twilight colorway. I knit it because its a nice pattern and a larger weight yarn that I thought would work for the 11 shawls in 2011. Even though I knit it on larger needles and tried hard to use the whole skein, I still ended up with some leftovers and short of the 250 yard minimum. It's a nice size shawlette that will make a nice gift for the person I have in mind.  Pattern: 198 yards of Heaven, mine is 230 yards. ;-)
Noriko has been knitting and spinning with us when she isn't traveling out of the country for school. She's graduated from Optometry school and off for at least a year to Georgia. She put out a request for everyone to make her a square that she can piece into a scarf or we suggested maybe a lap blanket. Here's my block for her, its from a lace pattern book and is called 'paired leaves':

Back in May I was knitting the Best Girlfriend Anklet socks as my pair. The most interesting part of the sock is the cuff, then it just become boring stockinette to the end. The sock is waiting for a mate:
I came up with the idea of making it a fraternal twin since its been holding up sock knitting since late May. I'm now two pairs behind! So went through my queue looking for other cuffed socks. I found another that I've been wanting to do and thought the pink would be perfect for it. The pink is perfect, but the cuff is shorter, so I'm making a pair of them:
PenisPoopcakeWaffle Sock
I'm past the heel turn and working on the foot of the sock on the second, so should be able to get it done before the end of the month. ;-)

I needed something quick and fun to knit and so used the Kool-Aid dyed Alpaca-Merino-Silk handspun and had a pretty block in a few hours. I used a smidge of it to finish up an earlier block. Still have a bit left to use for another block for a blanket, different pattern though.  I have another block started in the leftover camel, there will be leftovers of it also.

I have another pair of socks that I'm working on this month. It's a Mystery KAL and something I haven't done before. We received a clue each week. The first sock was knitting up nicely, so this week I decided that since the last clue comes at the end of the month, I should start the second. I was able to get the second sock through the first clue. The second is the heel and heel turn, so should go quickly along with the third clue's foot work.

The Shetland Shawl I started with another destash yarn, BMFA Purl One in Blue Boo! Purl One is a cotton lace yarn with a sheen kind of like silk. It will be interesting to see how it all blocks out. I've finished the neck chart for the pattern and ready to start on the body chart.

Strained my right wrist with the power knitting I was doing with the Dragon Stole, so wearing a wrist band to aide it in support. It doesn't help when I turn-twist the wrist, but is better than nothing.

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