Monday, January 18, 2010

Things Finished This Week

I had thought that a tam might work for me as a hat to wear during the Seattle to Portland Yarn Crawl. So I pulled out some pretty yellow yarn and knit up the Sunflower Tam:

Brandon though says it doesn't work for me. So it goes into the pile of stuff for gifts this year. Either a birthday or all the way until Christmas. I'll still be trying out other hats and hopefully will find one that works!

I finished up William's Twisted Beer Glove Envy. They took the fit of the Mitt Envy with their thumb gusset and 12 stitch cable area and used the cable from the Son of Stitch n' Bitch's Beer Gloves along with the numbers for the individual fingers and frankenmittened them. William isn't used to the shortie fingers and thus not too sure about them but I think he'll soon like them once he's using them on a regular basis.

Up next is to finish Gail's socks and a little project for Knit-Purl:

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  1. wooo... its looking so hot i love this cotton yarn cap thanks for sharing this with us...