Thursday, January 14, 2010

All Aboard!

It's that time of year again! There's a whole bunch of Seattle area knitters that will be getting up *really really early* to make the 7am train in downtown Seattle. They'll be able to sing their Yarn Train Song and work on a project from donated yarn in their goodie bags. Arrival time is estimated to be 11am, so a group of Portland area knitters will be on hand to meet them at 1045am.

I've made name tags for the local people and contacted some local area shops to get us and the visiting Seattle people discounts.

After meeting and having anyone join with us in groups or pairs, we'll head to Hot Lips for a slice of pizza. Last year we forgot to eat something other than the cupcakes. We're also going to try to find the Soup cart - Savor Soup House on SW 10th and Alder when we get over by Knit-Purl. I was able to get us discounts at both Cupcake Jones and Saint Cupcake (carrot cake and red velvet are in the plans!). Some people haven't tried Cacao's and they'll give us a discount on their chocolates, but you go there for the drinking stuff. I recommend only getting a shot though or you'll be on overload!

I arranged with Sandy Kay to do another shop project for Knit-Purl, so will *have* to go in to the shop to pick it up. ;-) They posted about getting a shipment of the new Malabrigo Twist in and I'd like to see it and maybe get my hands on a skein (not that I really need any yarn!). We'll need to remember to look for the soup cart! The weather may be showing its damper side to use on Saturday, so something to warm us up and keep us going I'm sure will be needed. 

From there a stop in the Button Emporium is definitely in the plans, especially since I talked them into giving us a discount! ;-) From here it will be a trip over the bridges to Happy Knits and Twisted. Many of us haven't been to Happy Knits yet, so are looking forward to enjoying a nice discount *and* seeing a new shop!

I also have a wedding and reception to attend on Saturday. I might miss the wedding and make it to the reception. I'm bad! ;-)

Work continues on William's fingerless gloves. He does seem interested in getting them because he asked after seeing another project I started being worked on instead of his gloves. Always something nice for the knitter to hear. I started the Sunflower Tam to hopefully wear on Saturday. No pictures, probably not until its finished. I do have the second glove started but also started a sock for Gail. She works with Susan in the Abstract Fiber booth and has been asked to wear socks from the booths yarn. Gail doesn't do well with sock knitting so I told her I'd knit her a pair if she got me the yarn and pattern she wanted. You can see the pattern link in the sidebar. It's a very pretty baby alpaca yarn in reds and blacks.

Speaking of yarn....I received my Blue Moon Rare Gem in Fire this week. I was a bit surprised by the splash of pink on the skein but have decided I can dip over-dye that area and be much happier with my skein.

Wish for us that the rain will hold off until later in the afternoon, after we're done with all our yarn crawling!


  1. Choooo Chooooooooooo!
    Can't wait for Saturday ;)

  2. The yarn train song is too cute. Have a great time, & I am hoping for dry weather so you don't have to crawl in the rain =)