Monday, January 4, 2010

First FO of the year

After looking what I had left on my list to complete in December, I knew that Luke's hat was not going to be done in time for Christmas, so waited until things calmed down to start knitting. Because Luke and William were with us for our annual gaming New Year's Eve get together, it wasn't until late in the day on New Year's that I started his hat.

Luke had picked out the Thorpe hat when he was home back at Thanksgiving and liked the colors of the stranded hat. I tried to find similar colors but couldn't find close matches with the Paton's Shetland Chunky online at JoAnn's. Ended up with a nice navy blue and a brown called 'dark taupe'.

I enjoyed how the Shetland Chunky knitted up compared to holding a worsted doubled. I'll definitely go this route again if I make another one of these hats, but I doubt I'll need to since all the boys have their hats. Scott, told me on Saturday that Keefe really loves his hat and wants to wear it all the time - cool!

Luke got this hat in an effort to keep him from stealing William's Jayne hat. He saw it and instantly lusted after it, but really his red hair and that orange? ;-) I remembered this hat and suspected that he'd like it, so showed it to him and was right!

Here's the hat and him posing in it. William went over to his house, so had him take the camera. This is the kinds of photos you get when you let boys do the photos:



  1. Very funny! That first picture looks like a Monty Python sketch!

  2. Yes, it does have a Monty Python feel to it doesn't it? ;-)

  3. Well done! Looks like it was quite well received.