Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Hat

This hat is supposed to be done with multiple colors, but I only wanted to deal with two. So one of them was a mystery ball from the gift basket I received for Christmas from my stepmother. It's definitely an acrylic and the person I plan to give the hat to has said that wool 'itches'. Rather than try to find one for them that doesn't fit this, I just rolled with the flow and went with the acrylic idea. I pick my battles. ;-)

The Vanna's Choice works nicely as the main yarn and I won't mind using this again in the future for gifts to family members that can't be trusted with hand wash.

The pattern is from Paton's, the link for the pdf is on the right.  The hat:

Still looking for a hat that works for me! This one, not so much. ;-) Should work nicely for my intended recipient, but won't know until later in the month.