Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spinning goodness

The cormo/silk is done! It took a couple of days of plying to get it all done, but done it is. Then winding it onto the niddy-noddy was a work out. The bulky bobbin almost full was a good indication that I had some yardage, but it wasn't until I counted it out that I found out I had spun up 1353 yards of lace weight. Wow! I haven't done the wpi on it, but I'm sure its respectable. ;-) The only sad part was that I had grabbed some scrap sock yarn to tie the wraps and forgot that this particular yarn bleeds. So I found grey around my ties after taking it out of the soak. Lavender oil was added to the soak water so that it would help get rid of the 'old lady's musty old beach house' smell that the fiber had. The finished stuff:

After taking so long to slog through the seven ounces of cormo/silk I needed some quick satisfaction. So I pulled out all the little samples that I had acquired in the knit and spin in public events and spun those up as singles:

Two different ones from Knitted Wit a BFL in the blues and corriedale in the reds.

Another BFL from Dicentra (love the reds and blues!)

Cupcake Factory (purple) and merino from Abstract Fiber.
Then what to do with these little bits of pretty colors? So I opted to chain ply them so that I could keep their colors pretty bright and true. Instead of breaking them at the point of the joins I just kept them altogether:

Still have no idea what to do with them all but they were fun to spin up. I have one last sample, a one ounce roll of color from Abstract Fiber that I received as part of the Summer of Spinning fun. Then I think I'll jump into the pound of purple Jacob. It's going to be a challenge because I'm going to try for a larger yarn than normal a more worsted than lace or fingering weight. Why? Because its one of the older fibers in the stash and while I'm not looking forward to working with it, it needs to be done.


  1. Wow. I am in awe. What was the weight of the cormo when you started? I love your little multicolored skein too, it's gorgeous! You could make a little felted bag for your wheel! Or a water bottle cozy, or...

  2. I had seven ounces of cormo/silk (truthfully there's very little silk in there). I wasn't thinking and didn't take photos of the singles before plying them.

    I may do some kind of bag with the multicolored skein. Try and find something that would show off the colors well.