Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I contemplated giving Mike a call and saying I wasn't going to make it to the Grange Initiation this afternoon so I could spend a quiet lazy Sunday afternoon plying the cormo/silk. The boys were going to be gone so it would just be me and the dogs. Instead, I was a good girl. ;-) I got dressed and ventured forth to find the Forest Grove Grange - the hosting grange.

Upon arrival I learned that I was the *only* initiate to show up. All these people that had spent time setting things up and decorating and also taking time out of their Sunday afternoon and I was the only person to show up. Very humbling. So because I was there, things went on. There were four levels that we progressed through marching counter-clockwise round the Grange and then a special fifth. We started around 1:30 and wrapped up just before 5pm. My left knee wasn't too happy by the middle and by the end of the afternoon my left hip was sharing its displeasure.

Sorry, I was sworn to secrecy about the actual proceedings and I'm honoring that. It was very interesting and fits in well with spinning and all the animals involved with acquiring the source for spinning. ;-)

Afterward we adjourned downstairs to their basement for a potluck provided by everyone, but me. As an initiate I wasn't obligated to bring anything. Deviled eggs and sandwiches, sub sandwich, an apple-raisin salad, tomatoes and freshly made hot or cold apple cider. By that time all that marching around had worked up a pretty good appetite. ;-)

So this wouldn't be a picture free post, I took photos of some of the trees in the backyard and their progress in showing fall colors:

Maple tree & Hazelnut orchard over fence; mini-chyrsanthemum (snowball); Grape arbor with blueberries and honeberries
Japanese Maple; Dragon bush and Ginko tree; Maple trees

Last fall about this time I made a couple of felted pumpkins. One went to Tiggywinkleknits and one I kept for myself. The one I kept is being shown off by the designer as a remembrance of  the pattern creation.

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