Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, Monday

This morning Rachel and Hazel picked me up and we headed for Carlton, home of Woodland Woolworks. Originally we were going to tempt Rachel with one of the used Lendrum's there, but I was given orders that she couldn't come home with one. So ultimately the trip was for me and she was driving! How nice was that?

We arrived at Woodland Woolworks and then got a little concerned because the sign on the door still said closed. Turns out they were having a rough Monday - broken window, computer sparking and dying, that this was minor but a concern that customers may not have come inside because of the sign. Hazel got her first mini-tour of the place - sale room and the yarn/fiber room. No wheel room visit. There's a pretty Ashford Charka available if anyone has $200. I purchased my bulky/plying head and Rachel got some very soft Targhee to spin with.

We then headed for McMinnville and their nicely restored historic downtown area for lunch at a place Rachel had been to before - Sage. Nice restaurant above a store with soups, sandwiches and homemade bread. From there we walked a few blocks to the knitting store I've heard great things about - Boersma's. All the great things are richly deserved! Nice selections of yarn in easy to see displays and a wide variety too. We were amazed in some of the sizes of yarns too:

On our way back to the car, we took turns having our picture taken with Ben Franklin on the bench. I played with the setting and decided that sepia worked since Ben was bronze:

I wasn't as friendly with him as Rachel, but we'll wait to see if she posts those. ;-) She did so borrowed her pic cause its so cute. I'll have to remember to pose like that in the future.

After Ben we headed to the Walmart (we don't have one close to us) so we could pick up a KISS cd for friend Sharon. Apparently it was only being sold through them and their latest one out. Then it was a nice fall drive home.

Making good progress on projects. Still spinning on the cormo/silk. It just does not want to finish up! I even spun it this last Saturday at Spinnerati. Rachel was like, why don't you spin something else? My reply, because then it will never get done. ;-) Hopefully a happy dance later this week for the spinning and other projects being completed!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I haven't been to Woodland Woolworks yet, though that may be for the best, since I shouldn't spend any money on yarn/fiber right now!

  2. Ahh, it's been so long since I have been to the Sage and Boersmas! I miss the Walmart too. I want to try the Montana-dyed Targhee someday.

  3. Looks like you three had a great road trip! And did your duty for some KISS Army Soldiers. :) seriously, thanks loads!

  4. What Fun! I love a play day with the girls.

    P.S. I'm sure Ben enjoyed the attention. I hear he was fond of the ladies.

  5. Ah yes, Ben was the ladies man.

    It was a fun day! Glad that we did it. It's so easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut...

    The fun part of buying the KISS cd was having Rachel do it. She just so doesn't look like the kind of person to be buying one. hehehe

    I have yet to add Targhee to my spinning stash. I want some nice natural colored and preferably really soft stuff. Rachel thought it was softer than the Finn there, the Finn I picked up from Klaus at Crown Mountain is certainly soft.

  6. I'd love to try the drum carder if it is easy enough!