Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Today started with snow!  We had an inch and a half when I took Brandon to work this morning. We had several hours of continued snowfall along with rain. A friend mentioned walking out of the house to snow, rain, hail, wind and sun all in the skies above. Yup!  That's Oregon!

I'm behind on some of my 12 goals, but I was able to get one more done today. I brazenly started it Monday and did stay up late each night working on it. I had started to do the bind off before going to bed Tuesday night and finished it up this afternoon. Then I popped it into a dye pot. The yarn had been given to me by Rachel back at the World Wide Spin in Public. She didn't like the pink and so I scooped it up and put it aside with the thought of making a shawl for her and over-dyeing.

The shawl was still damp when I headed out to knit night at Whole Foods, but I wanted to get it in Rachel's hands. She's been having difficulty with a now former friend and not a happy girl. I thought the shawl in a pretty green might help cheer her up a little. I also had said I would help with some illumination painting, so once she set her dinner down asked if she could help with photos. She of course cheerfully put on a smile and posed in the shawl and then I told her that it was hers. :-)

Still pink and just done, ends still need to be woven in.

Smiling Rachel

Nice size to keep the shoulders warm, you can also see by the color variations how it was kettle dyed

Showing how wide it is

This is my first illumination painting. Its a little note card that can be given as largess. I got to keep my paintbrush so I can do more future painting. Thankfully, Veronica can do whitework to fix some of the brush boo-boos. I tried to clean where I went onto the black lines and got most of them, but I'm sure she'll make it better. ;-) This is a once a month event, so I'll give up part of a knit night to help paint.

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