Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Pups of 2011

I took advantage of the last day of sunny weather that was known to me (it was freakishly sunny for a week in December!) and with Brandon's help tortured* the dogs with holiday photos. Leeloo we were able to get photos from each of the three hats we have for the dogs. Norbert we were able to get a couple that weren't showing the whites of his eyes in terror (he was shaking the whole time, you would have thought we were going to skin him or something.)  Leeloo has since gotten a hold of one hat and chewed off the holly and berries off of one of the Santa hats.

There's holly and berries under the flop over.

She thought this would make a wonderful toy to rip to bits. I think its the jingle bell.

It wasn't until almost done that I realized in trying to get the pics and hat on that I realized that the headband had pulled her beard and mustache back oddly.

Norbert desperately trying not to see the evil camera eye.

Looking off into the distance and trying to look dignified.
Christmas tree before all the gifts were loaded underneath. We went to a lovely artificial tree several years ago due to my allergies.
Leeloo has some sweaters in her future, so further dog torture* pictures will show-up.

* Disclaimer - no actual torture of animals happened, or will happen.

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