Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here there be dragons

Kind of in a Dragon them in preparation for Dragon's Mist Yule Feast. I needed to get together some household gifts for Lady Millicent, Amelia, and Larissa.  Currently we have agreed on a household name of the Dancing Dragonflies, but Ignatious is waffling on that for some reason. Until there's a change, I found a dishcloth pattern of a dragonfly and little soap sacks with little dragonflies on them:
Close-up of the dragon fly dishcloth - moss stitch version
Dragonfly Soap Socks without their soaps
 I also found a dragon dishcloth pattern for a Chinese Fire Dragon:
The dishcloth. I gifted it to Baron Ref along with a trio of soaps. I found out later from the Baroness that he really loves soaps, so a greatly appreciated gift.
This is the same pattern as above, just done in bulky yarn and two colors. Since I was doing colorwork, I opted just to keep as knit instead of purl bumps to show the dragon. I sewed it to some yellow fabric and Brandon made a pretty banner stand to enter it in the Dragon's in Any Media contest. It didn't win, but I know the Baroness really liked it.
I have another soap sack I've knitted up, but I plan to make a couple more of them, so you'll see those in a different post in the future.

We did a gift exchange and I received a charming little blue dragon that roars:

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