Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Goodies Finished

Let's see I made some more soap bags to send soaps off in to family:
I was talking with mom on the phone with the one on the right and forgot to do an eyelet round. Still works, so off it went!

Leafy Wash Cloth pattern both versions worked - stockinette and garter.
I was just going to let them kind of be trivets, but Lorajean put fabric on some she did and since the sewing machine was out....these went to Brandon's Aunt Debbie. She seemed to like them. ;-)

Back of Cole's Toddler Surprise Jacket.
Cole's Toddler Surprise Jacket

I'll find out New Year's day hopefully how it fits Cole. The hats for the cousin-in-law's girls were a bit big, so they have plenty of growing room. The shrugs all fit. The ones for the nieces looked like they would be too small but they stretched to fit. 

I had one project that I was knitting up to my deadline, but that's next post. ;-)

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