Monday, January 2, 2012

Last project of 2011

I was knitting right up to 2012 but finished the second shortie finger glove in the pair for Brandon. The pattern calls them fingerless gloves, but to me those are ones that you don't knit each of the fingers on. The fingers aren't enclosed, so they aren't mittens. Most pairs have you stop at the first knuckle, but his request was to the second knuckle. I also found that I needed to pick up a couple extra stitches than called for on the ring and pinky fingers for him. Big hands = big fingers. He's happy with them and that's the important thing right? ;-)

I also finished out the year reading two more books than I had the previous year. Cool! 112 books read. Okay, some of those books I didn't fully read because they were anthologies and I didn't read all the short stories in them, but they were read so counted as a book. Two of those books were non-fiction even, not my normal urban fantasy/paranormal reading. I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas so I can possibly read more books, but also have internet access where there's free WiFi when out and about. Better for me than an iPad.

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  1. I think of these as fingerless gloves, and the ones with no finger bases as fingerless mitts! It's all good if you have warm hands...