Saturday, December 10, 2011

Three Mountains Yule Feast 2011

Last Saturday we took Dawn-Marie and Larissa over to the Barony of Three Mountains Yule Feast in Milwaukie. It was an all day affair and I went prepared with my spinning wheel and plenty to spin. Brandon set me up near the stage after learning that the first corner he was going to put me in was going to be where the kids korner was planned. It would have been a bit noisy to be there too since it was near the main entrance. I drew in other people and shortly had a circle going of people chatting while working on various projects. Lady Havoisse (think that's how she spells it) was working on some little squares of fine linen she had embroidered a "G" onto. She was hemming them with silk thread finer than your standard sewing thread. Impressive work. These are "largesse" for the current Crown Princess Gwyneth of Tir Righ. She's going to be Queen for the next six months and wants to be able to offer those people who are being awarded at Court something other than a paper tissue.

I was able to get Brandon to take a couple photos of me spinning - gasp! Often at different events I'm running them so don't have time to sit and do the activity, so I have few photos of me actually spinning. ;-)
Lady Brigitte spinning on Miss Molly (you can see Baroness Svava's coronet in the foreground)

I can't remember what Lisa was talking to Baroness Svava about, but it was interesting...

Baroness Svava feigning shock at what's under Amelia's (Andrea) skirts. Her striped satin bloomers.

Baroness Svava is a riot. ;-)

My dress is inspired by a Hans Holbein dress and is still a work in progress. Still need to add the splits in the bodice. Andrea's dress gets a different look by changing her belt and her sleeves and even the chemise.

Downstairs where the feasting was going to occur later. Everyone brings their fancy feast gear.

Ignatious (Brandon) receiving a Golden Torc for his acts of service to the Barony from Baron Aelfric and Baroness Jill

The Golden Torc - Pretty!

Socializing while waiting for the final food preparations

Can you find me?
Tis the feasting season. Yesterday was the Barony of Dragon's Mist Yule Feast. Our first as a Barony.

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