Monday, December 12, 2011

Dragon's Mist Yule Feast 2011

This was the Barony's first Yule Feast, so we took our normal Revels night (Fridays) and made it our feast night since the location was already secured and paid for. ;-) It was a potluck similar to the Three Mountains Yule Feast, except no assigned category based on last names. I made brussel sprouts for the 3M feast from this recipe.  Made a Knight very happy (I had caught him sneaking sprouts out of the container) by sending him home with the leftovers. Very big happy grin on his face. For this feast I went with my medieval standby - Roasted Root Vegetable Medley. I didn't pick up turnips and don't generally have celery, but doubt anyone noticed. I had gold beets and red beets along with garlic and onions and some heritage carrots. Sliced up, drizzled with olive oil and threw on sprigs of fresh thyme and rosemary from the garden. I had two trays of it and popped into a serving container and then drizzled white balsamic vinegar over all. I came back with about half of them, so people were eating them. ;-)

Brandon is a guard, so we had to arrive a half an hour early so that he could help with the setup. I brought our stuff inside and then manned the food repository area for awhile. Much easier than putting little tags under chairs that I was almost roped into doing. ;-) It was also interesting to watch everything be organized and not have to worry about it.

Since we were running on a tight time frame (we needed to be out by 10pm and starting at 7pm), food was obtained by the court members so they could be able to help out with court stuff while the rest of us were eating. The Baron and Baroness had planned ahead and come up with a dinner bingo game to play, so there would be a couple extra prizes.

Brandon had been requested from the Baroness to create an orb, because no one told her she couldn't have one. (It was mentioned that Duchess Miranda might develop orb envy so I've suggested to Brandon that he might want to be prepared for a future request for another orb.) He made one out of some black walnut that he turned on the lathe. He didn't get a picture of it before giving it to the Baroness, but here are a couple of pics with it in its first use - those populace that would like to swear their fealty to the Barony:

Baroness Svava and Baron Ref with Lady Iuliana, Lady Osaa, Lord Jose in the foreground. Lord Nicolai acting as guard and Lord Ignatious in the background
You can see the gleam of the orb here.
Because we were scurrying around setting up or cleaning up or eating, not a lot of picture taking was happening. I wore the same dress as the previous week, still need to put my slits in, that's a goal for the next event - Carnivale in March. I might even try to get my Eleanor de Toledo stockings done for this event. I want to use my saffron silk lace Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn to make them - they'll be fun stockings!

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