Saturday, December 31, 2011

Socks of 2011

I took on the challenge to knit a pair of socks each month for last year. For most months it was an easy challenge, others not so much. ;-) Trying to get shawls also knit and other projects sometimes impacted a sock project getting done as planned. So I had a few months where it was two pairs, or more for a month. I kind of imposed the thought that ankle socks weren't a full pair, so made a couple pairs to equal one. So if you're counting up all the socks and come up with more than twelve, you know why. Same with the pedicure socks. The ladies really liked those once they were told that they were socks not hand warmers. lol

I made these for my dad for Christmas. I must say that pattern writers that use a C2F and C2B are just plain crazy to expect a knitter to use a cable needle or hold a stitch (and not drop the little beast!) when there's a lovely left twist or right twist out there that works just as nicely and much more sanely!
Java Socks
Its a nice easy to do pattern with an interesting twist in doing the gusset in pattern and decreasing across the instep. The pattern is also done through the toe decreases.

In case you forgot all the socks, here they are in a handy dandy collage. ;-)

I have 2012 all planned out in socks. I have two pairs of lace weight knee high stockings planned (yes, get the padded room ready, I'll be checking in I'm sure!), one pair in silk and the other in wool-silk. I'm giving myself permission ahead of the game to alternate other small projects, such as hats, bags and fingerless gloves/wrist warmers.  There is that other insanity of sweaters mentioned previously.  I have the patterned printed, just need to put the skeins into balls and I'm ready to go. Not sure if I'll cast on at midnight or if I'll wait for morning.

Are you doing any year long projects like sock clubs? Shawl of the month? Spinning of the month? 


  1. Year long projects? That would mean planning ahead; bwhahahaha! No, just waiting for inspiration to strike...

    Happy new year! Awesome socks.

  2. Michele - you also spend time designing new projects! So that could be part of your year long goal - design x amount of projects for the new year. ;-)