Thursday, September 29, 2011

September knitting

I started it the end of August but finished it on the first of September, so it counts for this month:

Pattern is Encompass, Yarn is Cascade Yarns Eco-Duo - Alpaca/Merino, knit with one extra repeat for a total of four of the pattern.  I had sneezing fits when working on this, so it most likely will end up becoming a gift.
Bordered Heart Dishcloth

Leaf Lace Wash Cloth
Pattern: Flippant by Sivia Harding is a great way to use up some of the left over sock yarns I have. Top is Plymouth Happy Feet and the bottom pair is Shibuiknits.

Current work in progress from early on is Pimpelliese. Its a scarf/shawlette that you start at one end and work sideways working the body and edging all at the same time. Its delightfully simple and easy to memorize. You weigh your yarn before you start and increase until you have half of the yarn left then start doing your decreases. I'm half way done with the decreases and sure I'll have it done in time for the month. 

I do have a bit more knitting to show off but that's for another post. ;-)

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