Wednesday, September 28, 2011

World Wide Spin in Public 2011

This is our third year having this event and the second year in a row its rained on us. Luckily, it only rained part of the day. We were tucked under the overhang, near the stairs and by the Starbucks. Close to the Starbucks is handy on a rainy cool day. ;-)

We received awesome donations of fiber from Knitted Wit, Upstream Alpacas, Urban Fiber Arts, Opulent Fibers and a little ball of superfine merino from Pear Tree Yarn of Australia through Urban Fiber. Unicorn Fiber sent us samples of all three of their products - Scour, Wash and Rinse. Bethany gave a lovely cowl pattern as spinning inspiration.  The bags were donated by Angela, Duffy and Tracy. Finally, I made drop spindles out of yellow heart, curly maple, black walnut and purple heart.
The bags already to be scooped up by eager spinners

The drop spindles drying, before they were put in bags.

Some of the contents in the bags - drop spindle, Knitted Wit big bag o fiber, Upstream Alpacas and Urban Fiber Arts, bookmark for Beyond Toes Up

Opulent Fibers donation, each of the bags had three superfine merino bumps

Pear Tree Yarns of Australia purple-ish superfine merino bump
We had a destash/trade table and I scooped up some Ashland Bay 50/50 Silk/Alpaca that Rachel C brought to trade. I had brought llama and hemp. I have a LOT of alpaca, I must like spinning it. ;-)
I think I might try overdyeing these since there's not a huge amount of them. I think if I try for like a red on both I could try spinning together or in stripes.  We'll see.
Lisa C teaching Terrie how to use the drop spindle from her goodie bag. She liked it a lot more than her big clunky spindle and is now looking for a used wheel to purchase.

Tracy taking a break from her wheel with her Turkish Delight, giving advice to another new drop spindler (I'd gotten her started, but have forgotten her name). Nicole had her Turkish Delight.

Jess, Rachel and Kristy

Melissa and Duffy with her new wheel
We were not wheel heavy this event so I think that made it interesting for the people who stopped by to see what we were doing. Nadine (her picture came out horribly blurry) had her espinner, so we were well represented by the variety of spinning that can be done. 

I think it was an awesome day and look forward to organizing next year's!

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