Friday, September 30, 2011

State Fair Wrap-Up

When I picked up my items from the drop-off for the State Fair I had a couple of pleasant surprises. An item that I thought hadn't won a ribbon actually did win one! The Poppy hat had a white third place ribbon on it. Going back to look at the picture I took of it in the display case, I can see where it was hidden by an item below it.
The Camel spun Fan Shawl that received the Best in Class was given the additional prize of a fleece:

Crimpy fleece! Three colors in the fleece, still in the grease. The box says 5lbs and I haven't weighed it so will have to find out after its washed.

I have been washing the fleece and its turning out wonderful. Using the Unicorn Fiber Scour, Wash and Rinse to get it ready for spinning. I'm almost done washing the box, and will have to decide if I just want to flick the locks or borrow/rent a drum carder to get it ready for spinning. I will also probably divide up the colors so they can be spun separately. I have no idea what it will become but hope that I can spin up a sweaters worth.

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