Thursday, September 29, 2011

No OFFF this year

I wasn't able to make it to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this year. Until someone comes up with a cloning machine, I couldn't be at two places at the same time. So instead of hanging out with my fiber friends and visiting the sources of our fiber delight, I as hanging out with my SCA friends at a place where I used to hang out with my Scout friends. It could have all been very confusing. ;-)  We attended Boar's Head Hunt and Feast 2011 up at Scouter's Mountain in Golda's Kitchen.

The geographical location that we live in under the SCA is in the kingdom of An Tir and until Saturday was known as a Shire. On Saturday we were raised up as a Barony and had our Baron and Baroness crowned:

Baron Refr and Baroness Svava
Then it was on to the rest of court where the different awards were being handed out. A lot of friends were receiving their Award of Arms (first level award - can now be called Lord or Lady), Goutte de Sang (in recognition of service) and Jambe de Lion (recognition of artistic ability of some kind - sewing, fiber, leather, beads, etc or science). People have to write in letters recommending you for these awards, they just aren't handed out willy-nilly. ;-)

So imagine my surprise when the Herald mangled my name, just as I had learned it was possible the night before, Brigitte Giesen Riegers von Wolfratshausen. I then was escorted by Brandon - aka - Lord Ignatious:
Remembered my bow to the King Thorin and Queen Dagmaer and already starting to cry:
 Talking with the King Thorin and Queen Dagmaer
Lovely pic of me with my Award of Arms by Kristin, still stunned:
I now have to work at getting my name registered, and develop my heraldry. So I can feel comfortable with being called Lady Brigitte or Lady Reigers. ;-)

Brandon, Dawn-Marie, Larissa and Andrea have all been asked to be part of the Barony Retinue in our Household. This will leave Scott and I to keep ourselves out of trouble while at events where they are off helping court to run smoothly.

Brandon made the boxes that the Baronial Crowns will be stored while not in use:
He received a nice flask in recognition of his work from Baroness Svava:
During the day Brandon taught a couple classes, though no one showed up for his constructing drop spindles class, the other class on Period Encampment Construction was well attended. I did a drop spindle class and had a couple of people attend. So I did have my fiber! I spent part of the morning with my wheel working on some guanaco I was trying to finish up and did.

Besides becoming a Barony, the other intent of the event was to have the Arts and Science competition where the new defender is chosen. Osaa is the new Defender until next year when the position will be known as a Champion (difference between being a shire and a barony - defenders vs champions).

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