Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tale of Two or more yarns


Thinking about various yarns I've knit with, I'd have to say that I have enjoyed working with Cascade 220 as a good workhorse yarn. I have my Cascade Lizard Ridge Blanket out of it and its holding up well. I've used it for felting and had success with it. I plan to use my leftovers from CLRB to do a Mitered Square blanket. I'm told that there's a new yarn that's softer than 220 and has a bit more yardage that people are liking.

I've also enjoyed knitting with Berroco's Ultra Alpaca Fine and spun up alpaca that was enjoyable to work with.  I'm looking forward to knitting with my handspun camel and yak/merino. Handspun yarns are different to work with than factory made. I'm not going to run away from a cashmere or silk blend yarn if offered a chance to knit with them. ;-)

Yarns that annoy? Lion Brand Homespun for knitting. It's been long enough since I've crocheted with it, that I can't remember how it worked for that. Knitting it sucked big time. Such that I cringe when I have Homespun given to me. Its caused me to have a strong dislike for boucle type yarns.

There was also a raw silk kind of like a paper-ribbon yarn that I really didn't enjoy. For the most part though, I can usually find a way to work with a yarn, even if I find I don't like it. Allergies don't count. ;-) My Lizard Ridge blanket is out of Cascade 220 because we figured out that I had a dye allergy, or maybe the vegetation in the Noro Kureyon, or the rough wool?

What's your favorite yarn? Or least favorite?

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