Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How prepared are you?

Friend Laurel on Facebook has pointed out that the area we live in is due for a major earthquake similar to Japan's. So she took a look at her Emergency Preparedness and spent the weekend stocking up their deficits. She shared these links - FEMA's lists and Red Cross lists. 

Now I want to spring clean out the garage and create a space to store stuff for this. I had been thinking about re-homing the plastic dog crates, but realized that if something did happen we'd need those. So they need to go in a cupboard in the garage with the other supplies. I think Brandon has most of our camping gear stored out in the shed, so we'd have some form of shelter if the house came down. The pantry is decently stocked, but I want to add in some other basics to have on hand. We have a nice selection of cast on cookware, but lack a decent supply of propane for the cookstove.

I'd also like to get a better fire pit. Our current one is the bottom of a former chimena that rusted out. So a new one that we can also take camping would be nice. I'm not so sure that we have the space to store firewood. One could be made, but its so bulky.

The garage freezer also needs to be defrosted, so part of the garage spring cleaning. It makes me wonder if some non-powered dehydration system would be needed? I have a food dehydrator, but it needs electricity. Sure freezer foods would be the first foods used, but I also have a tendency to think long term catastrophe events.

So I know of some holes, and imagine we'll find others as we get things ready. How prepared are you for an earthquake?  Rachel's already said that we need to stock up on Via from Starbucks for when her family makes its way over to our house for a post-catastrophe visit. ;-)

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  1. We are so not prepared. I'll think about it...tomorrow.