Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I did what?!

Spent Saturday plying the single I flashed. It came out to a nice chain-plied light fingering weight and about 284 yards:
Since the pretty crocuses were showing off, and also a lavender color, I thought why not show them off together?

Sunday, I was up bright and early and then over at Rachel's house to catch the Trtlgrl yarn bus. Kathy was there too and after gathering the list off the printer we were headed off, with no definite plan in mind. Our first stop was a bust because we were there before 10am and they were weren't opening until noon, so off to the next closest shop. We stopped at twelve stores throughout the day, out of the twenty available. We picked up Noriko and Kristi for part of it. We had another stop that apparently closed earlier than the list we had said, so added another store in its place. I think we finished up around 5:30 and back out in Hillsboro about 6pm - so a looooong day of checking out yarn stores!

Last Wednesday at knit night I cast on the Cabled Caplet that I'd like to use for SCA events.  The pattern is this one. I had a difficult time getting started, and it was all due to this row: Row 3: [K2, P2, K3], (K2, P, K, P, K) X 7, K, [K3, P2, K2]. For some reason the X 7, K, [ with the "K" I was totally glossing over. I flat out did not see it until I complained on Facebook that I apparently couldn't read a pattern and it was kicking my @$$. Dina was lovely and stepped up and tested out the pattern for me and said that lots of stitch markers helped her get through the stumbling block. After she said that it all worked for her, its like that "K" magically popped out at me.

So Sunday night I pulled out the yarn and stash of stitch markers and I'm powering through. I did find this morning that six rows back I had one of the seven section have a hiccup on the cables. Luckily it was the next to last section towards the end, so I was able to slide that part on to a stitch holder and drop those four stitches down and re-do them. Okay, it took four or so attempts to get it fixed, but oh so much easier to fix this way rather than tinking back those six rows of cables.

Here's what it looked like late this afternoon:
The last couple of days we've had sun and late afternoon rain. Yesterday afternoon the dogs were barking at a tree further along the backyard. We had moved one of the willows away from the big maple and along the back fence next to the shed. Other side of the back fence? The fallow filbert orchard. It's mecca for the birds and of course the bush tailed rodents in the area - squirrels. Norbert is fixated on the squirrels, Leeloo is an equal opportunity fixater and also takes exception to the birds coming into 'her' yard. Anyway, the bushy tailed rodent:
Further sign that spring is nearing:
Still need to get the kilt hose started, two little girl shrugs and maybe get started on next month's spinning, because there's a lot.....

Anything kicking your you know what? ;-)


  1. WOW! you are busy. Love the purple yarn. Love the capelet. I'm glad you figured out the problem. It's going to be wonderful. Have a great spring. Looks like flowers are really popping in the PNW. PA is very wet right now.

  2. That is a stunning photo with really awesome spinning!