Friday, March 4, 2011

Portland Yarn Crawl

First, I used up the leftover bits of handspun from the Opal Dane Shawl and Winter Finn Pretty Thing Cowl in another Barn Raising Quilt Square. It's six inches square and turns out just the right size. I thought it might be a smidge small.
I started spinning this month's fiber. It's a 3.8 ounce bundle that was part of the fiber I got with my Lendrum from Morgaine. I thought it might be BFL, but after working with it, I'm not really sure what it is. ;-) I'll go through my Big Book of Wool after I ply it and see if I can figure it out. This is what the single looks like on the bobbin. I plan to chain ply.
March 4-6 Portland fiber fanatics get to visit 20 stores in a bid to win a raffle basket or other raffle items that the stores may also have. I went to Knit-Purl first to pick up a couple skeins of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift because I want to knit the Beaumont Tam. I was also one of the first twenty people to arrive so recieved a free gift from them, a pretty spring green skein of Staccato Sock yarn. Twisted was also giving away something to the first forty people, but I just missed that by arriving at 10:30am. I did get store front parking though!  Same with Knit-Purl. I tried stopping at Saint Cupcake on my way to Happy Knits, but was foiled in stopping due to utility construction blocking side streets and filled street parking. I looked around at Happy Knits but even with a 15% discount I wasn't buying. I had parked halfway between them and Yarn Garden so stopped there too. I found out that the S264 Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn has been discontinued from a nice girl there. I have a skein I had thought to do socks with, but not really feeling it. So was thinking of doing a Fan Shawl. I'd need another skein, so another skein or similar colorway is needed. (I think it may be more cost effective to get a couple skeins of Knit Picks Chroma. [Sunrise colorway])

From Yarn Garden it was back over the river to Urban Fiber Arts, Cindy's shop! We had talked Wednesday night about the needles she had gotten in. I need US4s for socks for the DH (think I mentioned this) and I don't have any outside of my interchangeable set of US5s, so bought two of each. I might actually get Gail's fingerless mitts done now that I don't have to do them on the non-pointy Brittany dpns they're on now. ;-) I found storefront parking at Cindy's too. My luck in that didn't hold out for The Button Emporium though. Luckily there's a parking garage a block over. I found some clasps for the Raspberry February Lady Sweater. Now I have to sew them on! I resisted temptation and didn't stop at Cupcake Jones while I was at UFA.

I was low on gas and ready for lunch so headed on to get that done, so didn't stop at The Knitting Bee or For Yarn's Sake.  I might be able to do a quickie at For Yarn's Sake on the way to the SCA meeting tonight.

Who knows if I'll make the other stores on the list? It's a lovely raffle basket, but I'm not really interested in doing a whole bunch more driving for a slight chance. Especially since I'm not shopping!


  1. I made it to 5 sites today, and plan 2 for tomorrow. That may be all I can squeeze into this jam-packed weekend. But it was fun.

  2. Wow, seriously? You have that many yarn stores in Portland?!?!

  3. I really need to get over to Urban Fiber Arts. Never been there but I've heard it's wonderful!

  4. Mokihana - you really are missing out on a really nice store!